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The Night My Older Boss Became My Wealthy Older Man: Part 2

How could some­one so pas­sion­ate about his job be so lack­lus­ter in his fam­ily life? Well, he had no fam­ily. His wife and he were child­less, by her choice. She was a few years older than he was, and she came from wealth. Her father had paid for the young Mr. Brown to go to a pres­ti­gious law school, and had helped him secure his job in the big firm. I already […]

The Night My Older Boss Became My Wealthy Older Man: Part 1

As a mar­ried mother of two kids, I don’t have much time for the bar scene any­more. Hell, I don’t have much time for any scene any­more. And so, when a few months ago I was invited out for a cousin’s bach­e­lorette party, who hap­pens to be much younger than I am, it dawned on me that I didn’t have any­thing to wear. I didn’t want to be that frumpy lady out […]

How I Convinced My Wealthy, Older Man That I Wasn’t After His Money: Part 4

On the trip to Canada, the Stet­son man—my older, mar­ried boyfriend—had brought photo albums and other per­sonal arti­facts because he wanted to share his life with me. I saw pic­tures of his man­sion, his prize ani­mals, his busi­nesses, and much more—including his fam­ily. He had shared these pic­tures with my friend and me, and at the time I hadn’t said much. The truth was that look­ing at those pic­tures made me feel […]

The Biggest Fear I Had to Face About Dating an Older Man

I was dat­ing an older mar­ried man, which is a rela­tion­ship that comes with its own set of con­cerns. I was wor­ried that if any­thing hap­pened to him in the way of a health issue or an acci­dent, I would be the last to know. Would the phone just stop ring­ing one day? Would I need to check the news­pa­per to see if he was still alive and healthy? We lived in […]