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How I Handled My Older Man’s Kids Who Were Almost the Same Age as Me

There’s a pretty good chance that if you choose to be with an older man, he will come with bag­gage. Sam was 46 and had been mar­ried over 25 years by the time he divorced. He had four chil­dren with his wife. I was 24, so with a lit­tle math, you can con­clude that his eldest child was around two years younger than me. “Cold” is too soft a word to describe […]

Why I Said ‘No’ to Marrying My Sugar Daddy

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Noth­ing could beat my older man’s sense of sur­prise and cre­ativ­ity! Our 22-year age dif­fer­ence gave Sam an edge over younger men in know­ing how to keep the fun in a rela­tion­ship. Most men in my age group—mid-20s—didn’t have the money or inven­tive­ness to keep me on my toes the way Sam did. “I want to take you some­where for din­ner Fri­day night. Wear a nice dress, but bring a warm jacket,” Sam […]

Proof That Age Is Really Just a Number When You Love the Man You’re With

Being in the same phase of life has its advan­tages when it comes to rela­tion­ships. I wish Alfred was my age because we would have the lux­ury of grow­ing old together and shar­ing life’s expe­ri­ences. We’d both be ener­getic lovers, with­out com­plain­ing over an achy knee, a tired back, and feel­ing sleepy at noon. We’d have an eco­nom­i­cal advan­tage by hav­ing two incomes grow­ing the house­hold instead of just one. If I was […]

The “Soft” Truth About Sex with an Older Man

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If it hap­pens every time for sev­eral months, it puts a damper on a couple’s entire being. About a year ago, impo­tence crept into our love life. It stayed for sev­eral months. I won­dered if I wasn’t being attrac­tive or stim­u­lat­ing enough. I won­dered if I could do some­thing dif­fer­ent to add more spice in our May-December rela­tion­ship. Dur­ing the months of impo­tence, the expe­ri­ence changed a lot of dynam­ics in our […]