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What It Took to Make Me Realize That I Didn’t Want to Be a Sugar Baby Anymore

Get­ting off of the ship a cou­ple of days later was a long, nerve-racking ordeal, what with pass­ports, lug­gage, and get­ting a flight back to Chicago. I couldn’t wait to be back in my own apartment—I couldn’t wait to spend some time alone and to resume work­ing. Sur­pris­ingly enough, my older man, Patrick, did not act out­raged or hurt by my flat-out refusal to get mar­ried on the cruise. We really didn’t […]

What It’s Really Like Between the Sheets with a Rich, Older Man: Part 2

After I decided to break up with my older lover, Patrick, over the phone, he imme­di­ately called one of my best girl­friends for sym­pa­thy. “Not a big deal,” you say? It wouldn’t have been such a big deal, except he then told her in very vivid terms how much he liked my body and why. And I’m not talk­ing just breasts either—he went into intri­cate detail about exactly which parts of my […]

How I Used a Rich, Older Man to Help Me Get Over Being Dumped: Part 1

I first met Patrick when I was 31—he was 55—and I had never dated what most would call an “older man.” I moved to Chicago a few years before meet­ing him and had fallen in love with a pro­fes­sional foot­ball player who was actu­ally younger than I was. That romance burned to ashes as quickly as the flames leapt in the begin­ning. I did not cope well with him want­ing to break […]

How I Convinced My Wealthy, Older Man That I Wasn’t After His Money: Part 4

On the trip to Canada, the Stet­son man—my older, mar­ried boyfriend—had brought photo albums and other per­sonal arti­facts because he wanted to share his life with me. I saw pic­tures of his man­sion, his prize ani­mals, his busi­nesses, and much more—including his fam­ily. He had shared these pic­tures with my friend and me, and at the time I hadn’t said much. The truth was that look­ing at those pic­tures made me feel […]