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Why I Was Absolutely Terrified After I Broke Up with My Sugar Daddy: Part 2

I was preg­nant. I was preg­nant, sin­gle, and liv­ing in a crappy lit­tle apart­ment. I was ter­ri­fied. The entire next day, I just slept. I was prob­a­bly exhausted because of the preg­nancy. I had sched­uled a doctor’s appoint­ment to begin pre­na­tal care and was think­ing of ways to tell Kee­gan he was about to become a father out of wed­lock. That evening, I started to bleed. Imme­di­ately tak­ing myself to the ER, […]

Why I Was Absolutely Terrified After I Broke Up with My Sugar Daddy: Part 1

After his cousin Richard’s wed­ding, my older man, Kee­gan, and I were so loved up and com­fort­able because of and in spite of our age dif­fer­ences. We both knew that mar­riage, kids, and a house were in order for us, but it didn’t come in quite that order. We had been house hunt­ing together, but since I was well seated in my career, I insisted that I absolutely had to buy my […]

Beware: Dating a Man Your Age Could Ruin You

It had been a week since I left Jared, my spring fling. After spend­ing two months in Ore­gon with him, I was ready to start get­ting my crap together. The first thing on my list was get­ting enrolled in school again. In the time that I was in Ore­gon, I had missed the dead­line for re-enrollment. Hop­ing that there was some­thing my coun­selor could do, I called and he only con­firmed that […]

The Bombshell News I Dropped On My Sugar Daddy That Almost Ended Our Relationship For Good: Part 1

There I was, sit­ting at home wait­ing for my older man, Kee­gan, to come over and sweep me off my feet. I had ended our May-December rela­tion­ship, because I felt like he wasn’t secure enough to be with a younger woman, but after leav­ing him, he seemed to real­ize how much he loved me and wanted to be with me. It hurt that a part of him was ashamed of our rela­tion­ship, because […]