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Katharine McPhee Files for Divorce After Cheating on Her Older Husband, Nick Cokas

After she was caught hav­ing an affair with her Smash direc­tor, Michael Mor­ris, actress Katharine McPhee, 30, tried to save her mar­riage to Nick Cokas, who’s 19 years older. The celebrity cou­ple qui­etly sep­a­rated after the affair scan­dal sur­faced, but it seemed like their May-December rela­tion­ship was back on track when insid­ers revealed that they were spend­ing almost all their time together to try and work on their mar­riage. Their efforts were […]

Is This the Secret to Saving Your Marriage After an Affair?

Real­ity stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDer­mott are putting them­selves through ther­apy to try and sal­vage their mar­riage after he had an affair with a much younger woman. And they’re not the only celebrity cou­ple who aren’t giv­ing up on mar­riage after cheat­ing. Real House­wives of New York star Ramona Singer is call­ing off her divorce and try­ing to work things out with her hus­band of 25 years after she caught him […]

The Scandalous Affair I Didn’t Know I Was Having with a Rich Older Man: Part 2

Chad and Lex didn’t know about each other. And I always thought I’d be in the clear because they didn’t know each other. They may have seen each other around, but since Lex was less likely to be in the same crowd as Chad, the men weren’t friends or even mere acquain­tances. Although I was no longer in love with Lex, he had his posi­tion in my life, and in that instant, […]

The Scandalous Affair I Didn’t Know I Was Having with a Rich Older Man: Part 1

One night, my new sugar daddy, Chad, and I had gone to a wine tast­ing that his friend was host­ing, and it was that night that I dis­cov­ered he had lied about his rela­tion­ship status—he had more than just a girl­friend at home. I was hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with his friend when I men­tioned some­thing about “Chad’s girl­friend,” and his friend cor­rected me. “You mean to say Chad’s wife.” I stut­tered when I […]