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The Night I Gave My Older Man the Scare of His Life: Part 2

After throw­ing back a few more drinks, I some­how man­aged to get myself to my room. I had a bite to eat and took a shower. I was try­ing to get myself ready to meet my rich, older boyfriend—the Stet­son man—who would be down­stairs very soon. I think I even said out loud a few times that I was “ready to go to work,” so to speak. At some point dur­ing my […]

The Night I Gave My Older Man the Scare of His Life: Part 1

For the first few trips with my older, wealthy boyfriend—the Stet­son man—I had always insisted on us hav­ing sep­a­rate hotel rooms. Apart from the obvi­ous ratio­nale of not want­ing my hus­band to call and have the front desk acci­den­tally reveal any­thing incrim­i­nat­ing, there was another rea­son: I never again wanted to share another home, room, or bath­room with a man. There is some­thing about the daily func­tions of life that takes the […]

How I Dealt with My Sugar Daddy’s Wife After She Caught Me at Victoria’s Secret: Part 2

L’Wren Scott Found Dead

What I began to do was pull my car over, get out my pad and pen, and write down the tail­ing car’s infor­ma­tion. I would then call the Stet­son man and read him the num­bers. We had an inside con­nec­tion that would look up the reg­is­tra­tion. If the car was con­firmed to be reg­is­tered to the FBI and the dri­ver was idi­otic enough to sit through this show, I would walk up […]

The Day My Older Man Took Me To A Place I Never Thought I’d Go: Part 3

Obliv­i­ous, we stepped right into his wife’s trap. The FBI team she hired was appar­ently watch­ing us 24–7 and feed­ing the fam­ily the acquired infor­ma­tion. The team even man­aged to take pho­tos of us board­ing the plane with what must have been high-powered lenses, because we had not a clue there were any peo­ple, let alone feds, nearby. As I look back now, I imag­ine the family’s sec­ond home must have looked […]