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What It Took to Make Me Realize That I Didn’t Want to Be a Sugar Baby Anymore

Get­ting off of the ship a cou­ple of days later was a long, nerve-racking ordeal, what with pass­ports, lug­gage, and get­ting a flight back to Chicago. I couldn’t wait to be back in my own apartment—I couldn’t wait to spend some time alone and to resume work­ing. Sur­pris­ingly enough, my older man, Patrick, did not act out­raged or hurt by my flat-out refusal to get mar­ried on the cruise. We really didn’t […]

The Biggest Fear I Had to Face About Dating an Older Man

I was dat­ing an older mar­ried man, which is a rela­tion­ship that comes with its own set of con­cerns. I was wor­ried that if any­thing hap­pened to him in the way of a health issue or an acci­dent, I would be the last to know. Would the phone just stop ring­ing one day? Would I need to check the news­pa­per to see if he was still alive and healthy? We lived in […]

The True Story of Being Stalked By an Older Man

Bruce Willis and Sugar Baby Emma Heming

Sam was stalk­ing me, but not pur­su­ing me exces­sively or harass­ing me; his stalk­ing took the form of a jour­nal he was keep­ing on me, which out­lined all my com­ings and goings when I was not with him. He noted what I was wear­ing (any­thing show­ing my legs was “adver­tis­ing myself”) and where I was going—from the time I left to when I returned. How much makeup was I wear­ing? How about […]

The Number One Reason Why I Will Never, Ever Leave My Older Man

Sugar Daddy Steven Tyler

Through­out our years together, my older man and I have devel­oped a rela­tion­ship that is open and trust­ing. Our mar­riage is so sta­ble it had never occurred to me that it could ever be in jeop­ardy. The day he said to me, “I can’t con­tinue to live like this. You have to get help. This is ruin­ing our mar­riage,” I was shaken into the real­ity that our age gap rela­tion­ship was not […]