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The Big Family Secret That Ruined My Chances of Marrying a Rich Older Man


My older fiancé, Patrick, had three kids, and out of all of them, it was Michael I saw the most. Because he worked so closely with his father at the fam­ily busi­ness and lived down­town, his dad fre­quently wanted to social­ize with him after work, usu­ally at a sports bar. Patrick always wanted me there, too, so I fre­quently joined them. His son was no longer rude to me, like he was […]

How I Escaped the Biggest Mistake of My Life with a Rich Older Man

Meet­ing the ex-wife and the three adult chil­dren of the man who was my lover, but who was also old enough to be my own father, was finally over. I can’t really say that “I passed the test.” In fact, I don’t think there even was a test. I think all of them—maybe with the excep­tion of his old­est daugh­ter, Juliet—had their minds made up before they met me, and they just […]

What My Sugar Daddy’s Daughter Did to Make Me Never Want to Date a Man with Kids Again

It was sev­eral months after I met my older man, Patrick’s, son and younger daugh­ter that I had the chance to meet the last of Patrick’s three children—his other daugh­ter, Isabel. She loved horses, spent daddy’s money lib­er­ally, and did some kind of work for the fam­ily busi­ness, although, from what I could tell, she was not there much. She did have a man in her life, and it looked like it […]

What a Handsome 22-Year-Old Man Did to Try and Convince Me to Give Up My Sugar Daddy

My older man, Patrick, had one son, Michael, who, at 22, was the youngest of his three kids. After the pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence of meet­ing his old­est daugh­ter, Juliet, I actu­ally looked for­ward to meet­ing Michael—I got along really well with Juliet, so I was sure I’d do just as well with Michael. Besides, I always got along bet­ter with men than women any­way, and I also thought that at that age, he […]