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How an Expensive Gift Made Me Feel Better About Settling For a Much Older Man: Part 1

Kevin Federline And Sons

I arrived in the Greek God’s hotel room, finally alone. We were sup­posed to be on a roman­tic get­away, but I had just spent the car ride from the air­port to the hotel in a limo full of busi­ness­men. I missed my older man, the Stet­son man, at home; he had no idea what I was doing—he thought I was vis­it­ing my best friend Tori. I dialed the Stet­son man’s num­ber. When […]

How I Know My Rich Older Man Will Buy Me Anything and Everything I Ask For: Part 2

Every woman should have the expe­ri­ence of own­ing a piece of fur. It’s bet­ter than the first prom or home­com­ing; far bet­ter than a first kiss. And it should be pur­chased by some­one who adores you, who has not yet lifted the scales from his (or her) eyes to see what faults and flaws you pos­sess. Part of the magic was, of course, the ele­ment of sur­prise. But I think the best […]

The One Sign I Got That Told Me It Was Time to Start Looking for a New Sugar Daddy: Part 1

The Stet­son man was still in Europe, and I still had no con­tact with him. I con­vinced myself that he was show­ing the bar­ber a great time—after all, he did cheat on me with her. The Greek God kept phon­ing. I didn’t answer—all I could hear in the back of my mind was Smack telling me that he had mul­ti­ple mis­tresses and that I was just another one of them. So, I […]

One Thing My Sugar Daddy Does So Much Better Than My Husband Ever Could: Part 2

After break­fast, the Stet­son man and I both show­ered and got ready for the day. The limo picked us up, as it always did in Las Vegas, and the Stet­son man instructed the dri­ver to go straight to the Bel­la­gio hotel. I thought this to be a bit odd, since all of his employ­ees were stay­ing there. I even asked him if he wanted to gam­ble some­where a bit safer, where we […]