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How I Know My Sugar Daddy Will Treat Me Better Than My Husband Ever Could: Part 2

Tues­day at work seemed to drag incred­i­bly slowly. I took care of all my work around the office, but still had some time to kill. I popped my head into my boss/lover’s office. Mr. Brown was on the phone with a client, so he gave me the polite nod and smile. I knew he was too busy to talk right then, so I excused myself and went back to my desk. In a […]

How I Know My Sugar Daddy Will Treat Me Better Than My Husband Ever Could: Part 1

My kids were so excited to plan for the beach trip with Mr. Brown, my boss-turned-lover. It was only April, and we still had May and June to get through before we left. The kids were telling me how cool they thought my boss was, and how excited they were to get away. But I real­ized that I had a prob­lem on my hands. Mr. Brown and I could be together without […]

Princess Charlene of Monaco Opens Up About Her Age-Gap Marriage to Prince Albert

Princess Charlene of Monaco Age-Gap Marriage to Sogay Daddy Prince Albert

It def­i­nitely pays to marry a prince. On a recent cover of ¡Hola! mag­a­zine (the Span­ish edi­tion of Canada’s Hello! mag­a­zine), Princess Char­lene of Monaco, 36, showed off a stun­ning gift from her hus­band, 55-year-old Prince Albert of Monaco: the Ocean tiara, made by Van Cleef and Arpels, adorned with 850 dia­monds and over 350 sap­phires. In honor of the publication’s 70th anniver­sary, Princess Char­lene gave a rare inter­view from inside the […]

One Final Note From a Woman in a Loveless Marriage, and a Dangerous Relationship with a Rich Older Man

When I called my hus­band, Robert, to come and pick me up, he knew exactly where I had been—at my lover, Derrick’s, house. Robert asked me why I was there and all I could say was that I came to say good­bye. It must have been my tone, or per­haps the sad­ness in my eyes, or very likely the somber vibe in my walk, but for the first time, he didn’t ask […]