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Katharine McPhee Shows Us How to Get Your Older Husband Back After You Publicly Cheat on Him

Would you take your part­ner back after they were caught hav­ing an affair? What if they were spot­ted kiss­ing some­one else, like a coworker, in pub­lic in broad day­light? Not too long ago, Amer­i­can Idol alumna, Katharine McPhee, 29, was caught mak­ing out with her Smash direc­tor, Michael Mor­ris. After their affair was revealed, McPhee’s much older hus­band, 48-year-old pro­ducer Nick Cokas, wanted to end their mar­riage and the celebrity cou­ple quietly […]

American Idol Star Caught Cheating on Her Much Older Husband

Actress and Amer­i­can Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, 29, was recently spot­ted hold­ing hands and mak­ing out in pub­lic with Michael Mor­ris, who co-directed her TV series, Smash. The only prob­lem is that they’re both mar­ried, just not to each other. Mor­ris is cur­rently mar­ried to actress Mary McCor­mack, his wife for over a decade, while McPhee is the young wife of pro­ducer Nick Cokas, 47, whom she mar­ried in Feb­ru­ary 2008. So, does […]

How Do I Get My Older Man to Stop Flirting with Other Women?

QUESTION: My boyfriend and I have been together exclu­sively for about a year and a half now. He treats me really well—he makes me feel spe­cial, always spoils me with gifts, and the sex is unbe­liev­able. My prob­lem is that when we go out together in pub­lic, he’s the biggest flirt. He’s always buy­ing other women drinks and chat­ting them up, but when I ask him about it, he says he’s just being a […]

The Desperate Move Some Sugar Babies Make to Hide Their Sugar Daddies

When a younger woman is with an older man, the stark age dif­fer­ence will inevitably make for some awk­ward moments in the rela­tion­ship, like reac­tions from strangers in pub­lic and lag­ging sex dri­ves. Have you ever won­dered how peo­ple in May-December rela­tion­ships deal with these awk­ward moments that arise as a result of the age dif­fer­ence? A new sur­vey is offer­ing up some answers. The sur­vey asked 1,000 Amer­i­cans about how they […]