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How to Know If Your Sugar Daddy is Getting Ready to Dump You: Part 2

I hadn’t seen the Stet­son man in ages and I missed him so much. But when I hugged him, he pat­ted my back as if I were a stranger. I tried not to let it get to me. I fig­ured he was tired. I offered him some sweets, we made small talk, and, look­ing back now, it was clear that I was try­ing way too hard to make every­thing per­fect. As I […]

The One Place I Never Let My Sugar Daddy Go Without Me: Part 2

One of my trips back to my home state was for some busi­ness relat­ing to my son’s passing—I had to meet with some of the school coaches for an event we were putting on in my son’s honor. The Stet­son man knew of this meet­ing and became incred­i­bly jeal­ous. I couldn’t under­stand why. Once again, I chalked it up to his stress. Dur­ing my meet­ing, the Stet­son man called me numer­ous times. […]

The One Place I Never Let My Sugar Daddy Go Without Me: Part 1

My sugar daddy, the Stet­son man, and I had been see­ing each other for sev­eral years. His wife had moved out of their man­sion and filed for divorce. He was stressed with set­tle­ment nego­ti­a­tions and fam­ily issues—his affair with me had hurt his fam­ily. The Stet­son man was rich, to say the least, and when that sort of money is involved, it cre­ates an inter­est­ing dynamic. Instead of stay­ing neu­tral, most of […]

Sleeping with Your Boss? What You Need to Know Before You Make Him Your Sugar Daddy: Part 1

My older lover makes a great sugar daddy. He’s atten­tive, car­ing, and always gives me every­thing I want and need—as in what I need out­side of work. But since he’s also my boss, our rela­tion­ship has caused sev­eral issues, as you can imag­ine. Is it worth it to get involved in an office romance with some­one you work with, espe­cially if he is your supe­rior? With any sugar daddy rela­tion­ship, there are […]