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The Outrageous Stunt My Rich Older Man Tried to Pull So I Wouldn’t Ask Him For Kids

I decided to put aside—at least temporarily—the issue of kids with my older man, Patrick. I was too busy with my job and liked it too much to pur­sue moth­er­hood imme­di­ately, any­ways. It was still in the back of my mind, though. Oddly, the sub­ject was in the fore­front of Patrick’s mind. I think he feared he would lose me. He started to do some pretty crazy things. One day when I returned […]

How I Landed a Luxurious French Cruise from a Rich Man Who’s Old Enough to Be My Father: Part 2

One evening, Patrick took me to the casino and insisted I play the slots. I had never been to a casino before, but I knew there was some seri­ous money flow­ing there. Within five min­utes, I won $1,000.00. Patrick beamed; he was so proud of me. I used the money to buy pearl and dia­mond ear­rings for my mother. I was on cloud nine that night, filled with the fan­tasy of life […]

The $8,000 Mistake My Sugar Daddy Made Trying to Make Me Commit: Part 1

If sex with my older boyfriend, Patrick, was like the ele­phant in the liv­ing room, then the sub­ject of mar­riage was the dinosaur stand­ing next to it. Unlike many May-December rela­tion­ships where both peo­ple are com­fort­able just being together—or one, if not both, of them are already married—Patrick was dying to marry me. At first, it was flat­ter­ing and, although I acted pleased, I tried to make light of it, change the subject, […]

Robin Thicke, 37, Rumored to Be Dating a 19-Year-Old Model

Robin Thicke Dating April Love Geary

It wasn’t that long ago that Robin Thicke was pub­licly grov­el­ing for his wife, Paula Pat­ton, to take him back after she bailed on their nine-year mar­riage. The celebrity cou­ple announced in Feb­ru­ary 2014 that they were sep­a­rat­ing after the “Blurred Lines” singer was accused, on more than one occa­sion, of cheat­ing with younger women. Robin Thicke tried to sal­vage their mar­riage by pub­licly pro­fess­ing his undy­ing love for her in concerts, […]