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My Rich Older Man was Amazing in Bed, But When He Did This, It Just Blew My Mind

Being on vaca­tion with my older lover, Mr. Brown, who was also my boss, was amaz­ing and exhaust­ing. The entire time we were there, he was so atten­tive to me and my daugh­ters. Every day was beach adven­tures or trips to the zoo. At night, we went for din­ner at a fun restau­rant that catered to the kids—the enter­tain­ment kept them happy, and wore them out. We would come home from a […]

Can Long-Distance Relationships Really Work? (Answer!)

Have you ever been in a long-distance May-December rela­tion­ship? If not, would you con­sider it? Most peo­ple either believe that long-distance rela­tion­ships can work, or that they’re doomed for fail­ure. What­ever side of the fence you’re on, you may be inter­ested to know that research shows dis­tance really does make the heart grow fonder. A 2013 study in the Jour­nal of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion found that a long-distance May-December rela­tion­ship can be just as satisfying, […]

It’s Been 2 Years and the Sex Isn’t What It Used to Be—What Happens Now? (ANSWER!)

Mick Jagger Honoring L’Wren Scott

QUESTION: Me and my older man (he’s 18 years older) have been together for just over two years now. Our May-December rela­tion­ship is great and I’m very happy with him, but our sex life just isn’t as good as it used to be. What’s hap­pen­ing? Is our rela­tion­ship in trou­ble? CHELSEA SAYS: I’m guess­ing what you’re really try­ing to say is you’re not hav­ing as much sex as you used to? This […]

Is Your May-December Relationship Struggling? Why You Might Be the One to Blame

Have you ever stuck around and clung on to a May-December rela­tion­ship even if you weren’t the hap­pi­est in it? It might have some­thing to do with your self-esteem. Researchers from the Uni­ver­sity of Water­loo recently con­ducted a study and found that when peo­ple have low self-esteem and are in an unhappy roman­tic rela­tion­ship, they’re much less likely to open up about their com­plaints, because they’re afraid of hav­ing to face rejection. […]