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Why I Think “Fifty Shades of Grey” Would Have Been Better With a Rich, Older Man

  ~Writ­ten by Jacqui Sin­clair The Early Reviews Were Wrong… The Fifty Shades of Grey movie came out over the week­end and made almost $240 mil­lion. Some peo­ple raved about it. Oth­ers panned it, while oth­ers crit­i­cized the movie’s mes­sage to young women and men (a story for another day.) But I think the true prob­lem with Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t the sex scenes or the mes­sage, but a major flaw with […]

How Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Learned to Raise Kids With Much Younger Partners

Rais­ing kids as a sin­gle par­ent is hard, and adding a new part­ner to the mix can make it even more com­pli­cated. Things get even messier when that new part­ner is a lot younger. A lot of peo­ple have very tra­di­tional views about what a fam­ily unit should look like: par­ents who are rel­a­tively close in age, a bread­win­ner father, a nur­tur­ing mother, and a cou­ple of kids. But the real­ity is […]