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My Husband’s Shocking Reaction to the Idea of Me Being with Another Man

Our first din­ner date with Bill and Paulette went great—nothing too excit­ing, but still a rush. This could very well be the first cou­ple that my older hus­band, Kee­gan, and I try swing­ing with for the first time. We made plans to see them again next week before part­ing ways. After we arrived home and sent the babysit­ter home, we had some of the steami­est sex we’ve had in a long time. The […]

Why My Rich, Older Husband Was So Excited to See Another Man Seduce Me

It was 6 o’clock on a Sat­ur­day night. I was hur­ry­ing to get ready for our big night out. The kids were with the sit­ter down­stairs while my hus­band, Kee­gan, was get­ting the address of the restau­rant and mak­ing sure the reser­va­tions were made. I was ner­vous, very ner­vous. You see, over the past few weeks we had decided to finally try swing­ing for the first time and had been talk­ing to […]

The Sexy Move I Used to Impress My Older Husband So He’d Let Me Sleep with Another Man: Part 2

As I sat there on our king-sized bed with my mouse hov­er­ing over the “Send” but­ton, I won­dered just how much our mar­riage was about to change. Then again, Kee­gan and I agreed to embark on this jour­ney together, for bet­ter or worse. At the begin­ning of our rela­tion­ship, we had some try­ing times due to our age dif­fer­ence, but Kee­gan, being the mature and dig­ni­fied man he is, always found a […]

The Sexy Move I Used to Impress My Older Husband So He’d Let Me Sleep with Another Man: Part 1

My much older hus­band, Kee­gan, had just sent me an e-mail telling me about his wildest fantasies—our first foray into the world of swing­ing. His “nego­ti­a­tion” had me excited. This whole swing­ing thing had sparked a fire for us that was burn­ing very bright. I sud­denly had an idea… just because we were miles apart (he was out of town on busi­ness), it didn’t mean we couldn’t tease and play a little. […]