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The One Offer My Sugar Daddy Made Me That I Just Couldn’t Refuse: Part 2

The Greek God con­tin­ued. “You know my sec­re­tary told you I wanted to see you every other week­end. Well, there’s a rea­son for this, and it’s not that I’m too busy with the team. The sched­ule is that way because I’m mar­ried. I’m not going to ever get divorced, but I just couldn’t help but want to be with you the night we met.” He paused to see if I was going to […]

What to Expect From a Woman Who Knows You’re Sleeping with Her Ex-Husband

In the weeks fol­low­ing my first encounter with Patrick’s ex-wife, I came to under­stand that there is a par­tic­u­lar pro­to­col to being the young girl­friend to a sugar daddy. It involves lay­ing low and not hav­ing many—or any—expectations when it comes to his fam­ily. It also has a lot to do with under­stand­ing that, while it is pos­si­ble you’re the only woman he loves, he will always love his fam­ily more, at […]

What Not to Do When You’re Meeting Your Older Man’s Ex-Wife for the First Time: Part 2

Patrick’s ex-wife’s name was Deb­o­rah. She didn’t get up from her chair behind the teak desk to meet me, but I offered my hand and, some­what reluc­tantly, she took it. She was a small, full-figured woman who was obvi­ously quite a few years older than I was. As most women do, she sized me up as quickly as I did her. I couldn’t help but notice the resent­ful look on her face. She […]

What Not to Do When You’re Meeting Your Older Man’s Ex-Wife for the First Time: Part 1

Although my rela­tion­ship with my older man wasn’t clas­si­fied as “cheat­ing” or adul­ter­ous, since we were both tech­ni­cally sin­gle, there was still a tinge of illic­it­ness to it. Patrick was still close to his ex-wife with whom he had had three chil­dren. In fact, they worked together at the com­pany he founded. And she was not just some sec­re­tary or admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant; she was the chief of oper­a­tions, which means she was […]