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How to Handle a Jealous Ex When They Find Out About Your Hot New Relationship: Part 1

I was on an amaz­ing trip with my older man, Mr. Brown, and my two kids. But now we were headed back from Hilton Head—back to work and every­day life. Mr. Brown and I had smoothed things over from our rocky fight on the vaca­tion and my girls had given my older lover, who was also my boss, the seal of approval. After every­thing that had hap­pened with my boss on that […]

My Rich Older Man was Amazing in Bed, But When He Did This, It Just Blew My Mind: Part 3

Mr. Brown told me that the two young women sit­ting with him and his part­ner were actu­ally escorts. I was shocked! I thought the part­ner was hap­pily married—what was he doing with escorts? Mr. Brown told me he never called me because the part­ner knew that Mr. Brown’s wife had been in bad health for some time and wanted to sur­prise him—I guess hook­ers are the new bot­tle of wine! Mr. Brown ran […]

My Rich Older Man was Amazing in Bed, But When He Did This, It Just Blew My Mind: Part 2

I had just been stood up by my older man, and I needed to find out why. He never sent the limo to pick me up from the hotel, so I decided to drive myself. I pulled into the park­ing lot of the restau­rant where we were sup­posed to meet, dri­ving like a mad­woman. I parked the car and ran in through doors of the restau­rant, right past the host­ess, who asked […]

Having an Affair with Your Rich Boss? Here’s What Happens When Everyone Finds Out: Part 2

I hung up the phone with Mr. Brown and headed to the HR office to deny our rela­tion­ship. As I walked through the office, I could tell by some of the looks I was get­ting that peo­ple knew exactly where I was going. I ignored the stares and whis­pers and headed into the HR manager’s office. Mrs. Roberts saw me com­ing and offered me a seat. As I sat down, she walked around […]