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Charlie Sheen’s Fiancée Is Trying to Erase Her X-Rated Past—Changes Name

Char­lie Sheen’s young fiancée, who was once an adult film star, wants to put her past behind her once and for all before walk­ing down the aisle with her famous older man. So, she’s offi­cially changed her first name to Scot­tine, her birth name, and she’s taken on Sheen’s last name, even though the celebrity cou­ple won’t be mar­ried for another few months. “I’m try­ing to leave my porn past behind me […]

Donald Trump and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blame Donald Sterling’s Sugar Baby For Racism Scandal

The sports and enter­tain­ment world is still buzzing with the news that Don­ald Ster­ling, the 80-year-old owner of the L.A. Clip­pers, has been banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 mil­lion for a racist rant caught on tape by his much younger sugar baby, V. Sti­viano. While many are still con­demn­ing Don­ald Ster­ling for the scan­dal and prais­ing the NBA for the harsh penalty, oth­ers are actu­ally pin­ning the blame […]

The Disturbing Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationship Between Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano (and How You Can Learn From It)

By now, you’ve prob­a­bly heard all about L.A. Clip­pers owner Don­ald Ster­ling, 80, and the audio of him allegedly mak­ing racist com­ments and con­demn­ing his so-called girl­friend, V. Sti­viano, for post­ing pic­tures of her­self with minori­ties and bring­ing them to his team’s games. While the younger woman admits to record­ing the con­ver­sa­tion, her attor­ney main­tains that she did not release the audio tape, which is allegedly only a 15-minute seg­ment of an […]

Reality TV Star Has Pregnancy Scare with an Older Man and Then Gives Birth on the Same Day (We’ll Explain!)

On the new Bravo real­ity series, South­ern Charm, one of the biggest arches in the plot was when 22-year-old Kathryn Den­nis hooked up with her mil­lion­aire co-star, 51-year-old Thomas Ravenel. Den­nis even had a preg­nancy scare on the show, but the test turned out to be neg­a­tive, much to the relief of Ravenel. In real life, how­ever, Kathryn Den­nis actu­ally did have a baby, and the rich older man is the father. […]