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What My Sugar Daddy Did For Me to Make Our First Thanksgiving Together Absolutely Unforgettable

My new older man, Kee­gan, and I headed out for the night; it was the night before Thanks­giv­ing. Deal­ing with the hol­i­days while dat­ing some­one new is always a tricky feat. Despite this, we were insis­tent on going out. This time, we went out to din­ner at a Mex­i­can restau­rant. As we sat down and took off our jack­ets, he pulled out a small jew­elry box. I started freak­ing out. He placed […]

VIDEO: Wasted Jude Law Makes a Fool of Himself Trying to Seduce a Playboy Model

Jude Law clearly has a thing for younger women, and it seems to always cause prob­lems for him. While engaged to actress Sienna Miller back in 2005, he admit­ted to hav­ing an affair with the celebrity couple’s young nanny. Then in 2008, he briefly dated model Saman­tha Burke, who was 12 years younger, and wound up get­ting her preg­nant—the younger woman gave birth to a daugh­ter, Jude Law’s fourth child, in Sep­tem­ber 2009. […]

Tori Spelling Shows Us How to Make Big Money Off Your Cheating Husband

Tori Spelling, who’s admit­ted to going through sig­nif­i­cant finan­cial trou­ble, has found a new way to make money off her hus­band, Dean McDermott’s, illicit affair with a younger woman and their sub­se­quent mar­riage cri­sis. The celebrity couple’s mar­riage came under fire back in Decem­ber 2013 when 28-year-old Emily Good­hand revealed that she had an affair with Dean McDer­mott while he was in Toronto. McDer­mott, who has been mar­ried to Spelling for almost […]

Has Steven Tyler Finally Found a Much Younger Woman He Can Settle Down With?

When it comes to older men dat­ing younger women, no one mas­ters it quite like Aero­smith front­man Steven Tyler. At the age of 65, he’s still able to get any younger woman he wants, and the celebrity sugar daddy has now report­edly set his sights on his per­sonal assis­tant, Aimee Pre­ston, who’s believed to only be in her twen­ties. Accord­ing to sources, Tyler and the much younger woman are more than just […]