The 5 Biggest Sugar Baby Mistakes You Probably Don’t Even Realize You’re Making (and How to Avoid Making Them)

The 5 Biggest Sugar Baby Mistakes You Probably Don’t Even Realize You’re Making (and How to Avoid Making Them)

There’s no short­age of sugar baby dat­ing advice out there about what you need to do to land the per­fect sugar daddy. But what about all the things you shouldn’t do in sugar daddy dat­ing? Every­one makes mis­takes, but there are a few slip-ups that sugar babies are more prone to committing.

There are the obvi­ous things, like fib­bing on your sugar daddy dat­ing pro­file online or not being hon­est about your expec­ta­tions, and then there are the kinds of mis­takes that a lot of sugar babies don’t even real­ize they’re mak­ing. The lat­ter can be espe­cially dan­ger­ous if you’re not care­ful. Take note of these six big blun­ders to avoid falling vic­tim to them your­self. And be sure to share this invalu­able sugar baby dat­ing advice with any other woman who’s out look­ing for her per­fect match.

1.  Your Con­fi­dence. As bold as they may be, a lot of sugar babies get intim­i­dated in the com­pany of rich, suc­cess­ful men, not to men­tion their equally esteemed col­leagues and friends. These women feel like they have to go above and beyond to prove them­selves and often wind up under­valu­ing them­selves in order to “fit in.” In sugar daddy dat­ing, it’s impor­tant to always retain some sense of con­trol. If you feel like being around him is forc­ing you to change who you are as a per­son, or if you don’t feel authen­tic, you shouldn’t be in that rela­tion­ship, because it will only end up bring­ing you fur­ther down.

2. Your Income. A lot of sugar babies get swept up in the sugar lifestyle and end up with their sugar daddy as their only source of income, because, well, they can afford to—big mis­take. It’s one thing to get accus­tomed to a lav­ish lifestyle cour­tesy of a rich older man, but you should never rely on him solely for main­tain­ing that lifestyle, which brings us to the next point.

3. Your Future. Like we said in the pre­vi­ous point, a sugar daddy’s wal­let should never be a sugar baby’s only income source; it should be more like a bonus pay­check. What hap­pens if your sugar daddy wants to end the rela­tion­ship or decides he no longer can or wants to sup­port you finan­cially? You need to be pre­pared for any and every­thing for the sake of your own future well-being. To avoid end­ing up stranded, make sure to always have another source of income, com­pletely inde­pen­dent of your sugar daddy, and always have a plan B in place in case the rela­tion­ship doesn’t work out.

4. Your Emo­tions. This point might sound like com­mon sense, but it’s a piece of sugar baby dat­ing advice that a sur­pris­ingly high num­ber of women seem to for­get when they’re in a relationship—always keep your emo­tions in check when you’re dat­ing a sugar daddy. Although a rela­tion­ship might start out casual, a lot of sugar babies end up falling hard for a man who isn’t look­ing for a long-term com­mit­ment, at least not yet. It doesn’t mean that he’s just using you for sex or that he doesn’t love being with you, but he might just not be ready to start talk­ing about mar­riage on a sec­ond date. Man­age your emo­tions by openly dis­cussing your expec­ta­tions with your sugar daddy through­out the rela­tion­ship, not just at the begin­ning. Feel­ings can change on either side, so it’s impor­tant to always to com­mu­ni­cate openly and hon­estly with each other.

5. Your Expec­ta­tions. A lot of sugar babies have such grandiose expec­ta­tions about what sugar daddy dat­ing should be like that they’re left feel­ing dis­ap­pointed and thwarted when those high expec­ta­tions aren’t met. The truth is that not every sugar daddy you meet will look like George Clooney or Johnny Depp, and not every sugar daddy will whisk you away to a pri­vate island in the Sey­chelles at a moment’s notice. It might take a lit­tle longer to meet the right man, and when you do even­tu­ally meet him, it might take even longer to really con­nect on both an emo­tional and phys­i­cal level. That’s not to say that the first sugar daddy you meet will be the one—it could happen—but there’s a bet­ter chance that it won’t, so just keep that in mind when you’re out there.

What do you think: Can you think of any other big sugar baby dat­ing mis­takes that you might have encountered?