The $80 Million Clue My Sugar Daddy Gave Me That He Was Much Wealthier Than I Thought

Early on in my May-December rela­tion­ship with the Stet­son man, I real­ized that he was a col­lec­tor of many things and land was con­tin­u­ally a pas­sion he enjoyed. Although I was in my home state, he was adamant that I drive to this expan­sive ranch he had just pur­chased. He wanted me to see it and in doing so, it would pump his ego.

I agreed to make the long jour­ney to his side. Because of the loca­tion of this ranch and the tim­ing of his request, I had to drive. But he instructed me to stop at an air­port on the way and he would meet me there. I was con­fused as to why I was stop­ping at an air­port, but I did as he asked. As I arrived, I could see the Stet­son man stand­ing in the door­way of a Gulf­stream jet. My mind raced. Was this pri­vate plane really his, or was he leas­ing this to impress me?

Is this really your plane?” I asked. He had the biggest smile on his face.

Yes, Julz. This is my plane.” This was the first time I had seen his plane, although I heard oth­ers talk about it. I knew Gulf­stream jets were expen­sive. Cus­tomized ones like his were in the $80 mil­lion price range the last time I heard any­one talk about their cost. It wasn’t unusual for the Stet­son man to not dis­cuss minor details of his pur­chases with me. How­ever, to me, this wasn’t a minor pur­chase. This was one time I was overly impressed.

Would you like the grand tour?” he asked. I nod­ded my head, act­ing like a lit­tle girl. Rich men love that. They love it when you act all doe-eyed and inno­cent; it’s got­ten me more gifts than I can count.

As he walked me through the most beau­ti­ful plane I’d ever seen, he watched closely for my reac­tion. He instructed me to go and see what was on the bed. As I entered the bed­room area, he handed me a box and inside was a beau­ti­ful pair of gold ear­rings. Oh, I made sure to make him feel he’d done some­thing really spe­cial. They weren’t really my taste, but to him, it was a big deal.

He explained that the mas­ter bed­room was a neces­sity and he made sure to have a shower in the bath­room for his con­ve­nience, in case he needed to get ready for a meet­ing while he was in the air. You could see he was very proud of this plane. He told me he had it custom-built, com­plete with the white leather seats and wal­nut accents.

As he walked over to what seemed to be a con­trol panel of sorts, he was telling me about all the bells and whis­tles. This plane was more like a home than some­thing you fly. All along, my eyes stayed wide open and I just observed. The whole time I was amazed. The Stet­son man had taste.  He made sure he had the lat­est and great­est of every­thing avail­able. So, I shouldn’t have been so sur­prised by the plane’s grand appearance.

I had been with the Stet­son man for a while at that point, but that day, I had been sur­prised yet again by his wealth. And it only made me want this older man more. I knew he was a col­lec­tor of fine art and land, but he also had other price­less pos­ses­sions. How­ever, it did make me won­der what other col­lec­tions he had hid­den that I didn’t know about. I was both excited and ner­vous to find out.