The Dangerous Secret I Learned About My Sugar Daddy’s Wife: Part 2

We left Peter’s ex’s house and con­tin­ued on our way up to the coun­try. I had received a called from my cousin, but my net­work wasn’t great because were sur­rounded by so many trees and the phone call got dis­con­nected. So, when we stopped for food, I asked to bor­row Peter’s phone so I could call her back. I was about to dial my cousin’s num­ber when I noticed a famil­iar phone number—it was the num­ber I had when I had vis­ited Keith in England!

I was so shocked that I almost passed out. I imme­di­ately had a panic attack. When I scrolled fur­ther down, I could see Keith’s cell and busi­ness num­ber. I found the con­tact named “mommy” and when I looked at the num­ber, I was stunned to see that it belonged to Keith’s’ wife. I knew then that he was work­ing for Keith’s wife.

When Peter returned, I imme­di­ately attacked him. “What the f*ck are you try­ing to do? Are you try­ing to set me up? What the f*ck are you doing with my pri­vate num­ber?” I screamed at him.

Look­ing shocked, he started plead­ing with me to be quiet. “It’s my girlfriend’s num­ber,” he replied calmly.

You liar! It can­not be your girlfriend’s num­ber. That’s the num­ber I used when I was in Eng­land!” I yelled back. “I’m ready to leave and don’t think for a sec­ond I am scared of you.”

He agreed to take me home, and since I had no other way of get­ting back, I agreed to go with him. On the trip back, I kept pray­ing to god to just get me home safe. Peter started to make the impa­tient phone calls again.

As we got closer to the city, Peter asked me which direc­tion I wanted to travel back, as there were two routes to my home. I told him the one I wanted to take and about three min­utes into the drive, he sud­denly had a stom­ach ache and said he wanted to throw up.

He imme­di­ately pulled over and jumped out of the car. I could see him on the phone and as he stood there try­ing to “throw up,” it became pretty clear to me that he was using the stom­ach ache as an excuse to make a phone call out of earshot.

Peter got back in the car, this time com­plain­ing that he wasn’t feel­ing well and just wanted to get home. I was just so happy to be back in famil­iar ter­ri­tory. I silently prayed to god that if he got me home safely, that would be the last time I ever asso­ciate with Peter again.