The Dangers of Getting Way Too Involved with a Wealthy Older Man…And His Wife: Part 3

The Dangers of Getting Way Too Involved with a Wealthy Older Man...And His Wife: Part 3Mrs. Brown was in her 30s when she mar­ried my boss—who was also my secret lover—and the agree­ment was that her father would take care of Mr. Brown’s edu­ca­tion. The only thing that her fam­ily wanted in return was for the cou­ple to gen­er­ate new money for the fam­ily busi­ness. Mrs. Brown told me that the mar­riage had noth­ing to do with love—it was all for wealth and power. If peo­ple knew their mar­riage was unsuc­cess­ful, it would taint her family’s name and legacy. She knew that he had messed around with other women before, but she had always caught him before any of these ladies had the chance to dig their heels into his for­tune, or to con­vince him to leave her.

Mrs. Brown con­tin­ued to tell me that while he fooled around on her, he would never end the mar­riage because then he wouldn’t inherit any money if she died before he did. I looked at the sad­ness in her eyes as she spoke about her hus­band. She never loved him, she just did as her father wished, and I could see she was regret­ting her deci­sions. She told me that she wanted her hus­band to date and live the rest of his life the way she couldn’t live hers, espe­cially now that her health was get­ting worse. She wanted him to be happy with some­one who really loved him.

She asked again if I would be her ally. I told her that I would keep an eye out for any­thing sus­pi­cious. She responded by say­ing that she always liked me, and wished that her hus­band could have found some­one more like me.

She started to tear up, so she pulled her Dior shades over her eyes and ordered us both another round of drinks. I thought about what I was going to do with this information—was I going to tell my lover that his wife might actu­ally be OK with our sit­u­a­tion? Or should I pre­tend like this meet­ing never hap­pened? I went with the lat­ter and decided not to tell Mr. Brown about the meet­ing, at least not right away.

I casu­ally men­tioned to Mrs. Brown that I needed to get back to work to fin­ish orga­niz­ing the company’s Easter egg hunt, and that I couldn’t stay for another drink, but she insisted so I stayed put for a lit­tle while longer.

The con­ver­sa­tion even­tu­ally died off and I was relieved when I could feel my phone vibrat­ing. It was a text from Mr. Brown ask­ing to swing by his condo later. I fin­ished my drink and told Mrs. Brown that I’d surely see her around. At this point, I was offi­cially at a loss for what would hap­pen to my rela­tion­ship with Mr. Brown.