The Day My Older Man Took Me To A Place I Never Thought I’d Go: Part 1

I was in love with a hus­band, but he wasn’t my spouse. The Stet­son man belonged to a dis­tin­guished woman around his age. I had been fore­warned by almost every­one who knew about us: the Stet­son man’s wife had a rep­u­ta­tion that pre­ceded her for being really mean. She had mar­ried the Stet­son man when he was young and poor—he wasn’t a self-made man, they were a self-made cou­ple. She had assisted in amass­ing their for­tune, and she wasn’t going to make my life easy once she found out about me.

The Stet­son man’s birth­day rolled around and he asked me to go to Las Vegas with him to cel­e­brate. This trip would be dif­fer­ent from all our other air trav­el­ing, because for this one I would fly on his pri­vate plane, right out in the open as the Stet­son man’s guest. As I’ve men­tioned before, I hadn’t done this pre­vi­ously for fear that his wife would see my name on the man­i­fest. I thought this would still be too risky and had to have him reas­sure me; he insisted it was OK.

I was a ner­vous wreck before the flight. I didn’t want or need any trou­ble, espe­cially from his wife. Upon arriv­ing at the air­port, his pilots both eyed me up and down before deposit­ing my lug­gage. They both stayed in the cock­pit with the door closed for the dura­tion of the flight.

Dur­ing the flight, I asked the Stet­son man what he would like for his birthday—what do you buy for the man who has every­thing? After much con­ver­sa­tion and much prod­ding, he finally told me what he wanted, and I could not have been more shocked. The Stet­son man wanted to do some­thing he had never done before. He had never been to a strip club, and he wanted me to take him to one and lead the way. I ended up being respon­si­ble for many of his “firsts.”

After land­ing in Las Vegas and dis­miss­ing the pilots, the cel­e­bra­tions began. Our favorite lim­ou­sine dri­ver was wait­ing for us, the dri­ver we had for each and every trip. The Stet­son man would pay for this man to be avail­able for us all week­end; it was quite a lux­ury. We shopped, we played black­jack, we ate, and we made love. It was a typ­i­cal week­end with the Stet­son man. He bought me many new clothes, and I chose one of my new out­fits to wear to the strip club.

Our first stop was the Play­boy Club at the top of the Palms Casino. Although there was a line, we were cho­sen to go in right away. I never waited in any lines when I was on the arm of the Stet­son man. We rode the ele­va­tor up; I had no idea what to expect. It was dark, but nice. We played black­jack at a fifty-dollar table, and after a few hours, we decided it was time for his birth­day present to begin. We asked the pit boss which strip club was the best, and he gave us a name.

Our limo dri­ver dropped us off at the rec­om­mended strip club…

  • Mag­gie Mcc

    i was get­ting into that .. wher ethe rest? did sorta remind me off 50 shades of grey somewhat