The Day My Older Man Took Me To A Place I Never Thought I’d Go: Part 2

Sugar Daddy Lohan Ends Arrest for Sugar Baby

We went in and sat down, and after only a few min­utes we were sur­rounded by half-naked women. We chose a few and went to the VIP sec­tion. This was his birth­day present: the VIP. He handed me thou­sands of dol­lars to keep the fun going. We had been in the VIP for about two hours when one of the girls went for the top but­ton on my jeans—that did it; he was done. We arrived back at our hotel around two a.m., and, of course, we made love for sev­eral hours, even though we were sup­posed to be at the plane in just a few hours. We briefly slept, jumped up, blindly threw our clothes into the suit­cases, and headed to the plane. We were exhausted and slept the entire flight home.

A few days later his wife was prepar­ing his clothes for the clean­ers when she dis­cov­ered the shirt he had worn to the strip club—the one that he’d blindly thrown into his suit­case. This shirt was cov­ered in the strip­pers’ makeup. She imme­di­ately remem­bered his Las Vegas trip, and if she’d had any doubts before about her husband’s fidelity, she had them con­firmed that laun­dry day—even though this makeup wasn’t mine. The truth would soon come out.

After the birth­day cel­e­bra­tion in the VIP room at the hottest strip club in Las Vegas, my life became very com­pli­cated. As I’ve already revealed, I had been hav­ing an affair with the super-rich, sexy Stet­son man for over a year, and we had so far kept our rela­tion­ship hid­den well. How­ever, after the infa­mous laun­dry day when his wife found his shirt cov­ered in the Vegas strip­pers’ makeup, she was on a mis­sion to uncover all his secrets. And I hap­pened to be his biggest dirty lit­tle secret. Unbe­knownst to us, her first plan of action was to hire a pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tion team, and not only did she hire a pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tion team, she hired ex-FBI agents and active off-duty agents. Con­sid­er­ing the for­tune she aimed to pro­tect, I should not have been surprised—I should have been pre­pared. How­ever, I was any­thing but ready for the bat­tle ahead. I was deep into griev­ing my son who’d recently passed away and this was all hap­pen­ing faster than I could gather my wits. Since I was not pay­ing atten­tion, she had a head start on my attempt­ing to cover my tracks.

We made a huge mis­take that gave us away one fate­ful week­end. The Stet­son man’s wife and fam­ily took his per­sonal plane to their sec­ond home a few states over, and, rather than stay home incog­nito, he and I decided to char­ter a flight and fly to his ranch. And so the Stet­son man, a dear friend of mine, my Chi­huahua, and I boarded the char­tered flight for a fun week­end at the ranch. Lit­tle did we know that we were being set up…

  • Anna Val­lac­chi

    If they were super rich why the hell is she doing laundry

    • Mer­leMor­ri­gan

      A few days later his wife was prepar­ing his clothes for the cleaners