The Desperate Move Some Sugar Babies Make to Hide Their Sugar Daddies

When a younger woman is with an older man, the stark age dif­fer­ence will inevitably make for some awk­ward moments in the rela­tion­ship, like reac­tions from strangers in pub­lic and lag­ging sex dri­ves. Have you ever won­dered how peo­ple in May-December rela­tion­ships deal with these awk­ward moments that arise as a result of the age dif­fer­ence? A new sur­vey is offer­ing up some answers.

The sur­vey asked 1,000 Amer­i­cans about how they han­dle an uncom­fort­able sit­u­a­tion and accord­ing to the results, a lot of them, espe­cially women, would just lie—72% of women admit­ted that they’re com­fort­able telling a lie to get through an awk­ward sit­u­a­tion, com­pared to 52% of men who said they would com­fort­ably lie. In a sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ship, if the younger woman and older man are out in pub­lic and she sees some­one she knows, like a col­league, she’s more likely to down­play her rela­tion­ship with her sugar daddy by say­ing it’s a friend or fam­ily member.

Lying might be a fea­si­ble way to get out of an uncom­fort­able sit­u­a­tion when you’re out in pub­lic, but when it comes to your rela­tion­ship, it can pose a much big­ger threat. Rela­tion­ships in gen­eral, espe­cially May-December rela­tion­ships, are bound to have their fair share of awk­ward­ness, like the first time your older man can’t keep it up, or your oppos­ing view on mar­riage and kids. In sit­u­a­tions like these, you might want to think twice about lying your way out of it. Of course, it depends on the cir­cum­stances, but fib­bing just to avoid hav­ing to deal with it will only lead to big­ger issues down the road.

That being said, if you’re just look­ing for a good time, then by all means, do what you need to do. But if you’re in a seri­ous, com­mit­ted May-December rela­tion­ship with an older man, then lying prob­a­bly isn’t the best tac­tic for get­ting through an uncom­fort­able sce­nario. Like the old say­ing goes, you can run, but you can’t hide—at least not forever.

What do you think: Have you ever lied to get out of an awk­ward situation?


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