The Dirtiest Little Secret My Rich Older Man Never Wanted Me to Know: Part 1

After my rich older boyfriend, Der­rick, pro­posed to me, all my fears about our rela­tion­ship dis­ap­peared. In the months lead­ing up to our engage­ment, I could never shake the feel­ing that Der­rick was hid­ing some­thing from me. I was also start­ing to have mixed feel­ings about what I was doing in a rela­tion­ship with an older man. But after the pro­posal, I no longer felt like the kind of girl who was giv­ing up sex for gifts. I no longer ques­tioned whether or not he was in love with me—I knew he was.

I was ecsta­tic to be plan­ning our wed­ding, and to move into his house per­ma­nently. Unfor­tu­nately, I quickly real­ized that Der­rick wasn’t on the same page. The morn­ing after he pro­posed, I casu­ally asked when I could start mov­ing my stuff into his house. He told me that he didn’t want to mess up the “dynam­ics of our rela­tion­ship.”  He said that for the mean­time, we would con­tinue to live sep­a­rately, and move in together after the wed­ding. Need­less to say I was upset; some­thing about the sit­u­a­tion didn’t feel right.

When Der­rick went upstairs later that morn­ing, I noticed that he had left his cell phone on the kitchen counter. I instinc­tively flipped it open and started look­ing through his text mes­sages. The first thing I noticed was a bunch of mes­sages from a woman whose name I didn’t rec­og­nize. As I read through them, I found myself in tears. They spoke about how happy they were to have recon­nected, and how amaz­ing their week had been. Her last text mes­sage read, “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

A rush of sad­ness and rage ran through my body. I remem­bered him telling me that he had a busi­ness meet­ing after work tomor­row, and that he wouldn’t be able to make it for din­ner. I quickly made the deci­sion in my head that I wouldn’t say a word. I also decided that if he wanted to cheat on me, then he would have to pay—literally.

I put his phone back on the counter where I found it, and wiped the tears off my face. When Der­rick finally came back down­stairs, I was sit­ting in the liv­ing room watch­ing TV. I went over to him with a smile and wrapped my arms around him, as if noth­ing had happened.

Later that night, I made love to him. It was noth­ing like the other times we had been together. There was a pas­sion in me that I had never expe­ri­enced before. He even com­mented on how much I must have missed him while he was away. Lit­tle did he know that my pas­sion came from some­thing entirely dif­fer­ent, because all I was think­ing about was how I would get my revenge…

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