The Dirty Lie My Sugar Daddy Told to Make Me Realize I was “Just Another One of His Sugar Babies”: Part 1

I had just spent the past lit­tle while get­ting groomed for what I thought was a date with my new sugar daddy, Michael, and his friends. It turned out he just wanted me to be his piece of arm candy for a work event, and sent me to his per­sonal styl­ist, Anthony, to make sure I looked the part.

Anthony apol­o­gized again for blind­sid­ing me; he had seen Michael do this many times before to many girls before me. Unfor­tu­nately, each time Michael did it, it cost him a few more busi­ness part­ners, because they looked at his lifestyle as pig­gish; after all, he was doing this to girls who were the same age as most of their daugh­ters and most guys couldn’t stand that. I was just another one of his sugar babies. The truth and real­ity of that was really set­ting in and I had a heavy heart by the time I left the store.

I didn’t want to just be someone’s sugar baby. I wanted the whole pack­age and Michael, despite being filthy rich, sim­ply wasn’t it. Because I real­ized it early on, I reeled myself back in and took a deep breath to con­sol­i­date my thoughts about what I really wanted in a man. Nei­ther of my ex-sugar dad­dies, Marco and Vic­tor, and now Michael had any­thing that I couldn’t get some­where else. Sure, I could have set­tled, but I didn’t want to. So, I decided to focus on find­ing that one per­son who I sim­ply couldn’t live without.

I decided to go to the com­pany party with Michael and be the per­fect “friend,” arm candy, or sugar baby that night, but after that, I would start look­ing for some­one to make me truly happy, some­one who had that one thing I couldn’t live with­out. Money wasn’t every­thing. In fact, it’s noth­ing if you aren’t truly happy with your­self and the per­son you are with. So, I fully pre­pared myself to walk away from Michael, even if that meant work­ing a min­i­mum wage job and strug­gling to get by.

As I headed home to get ready for the party, I real­ized there was an awful smell com­ing from the trunk of my car. I ignored it for the time being. The com­pany car arrived on time; the dri­ver had picked up Anthony on the way, which was great because I still hadn’t done my hair. Anthony came inside and imme­di­ately started curl­ing it for me. “I didn’t real­ize he was send­ing the town car to get you. He’s plan­ning on tak­ing you straight to the party, so let me help you with your hair while you apply your makeup. The two of us together can get you ready faster,” Anthony said in a chip­per voice.

By the time we left, it was 7:30 p.m. and I was late. To be hon­est, being late didn’t bother me nearly as much as try­ing to fig­ure out what the smell was in the trunk of my car. I couldn’t stop think­ing about it, and couldn’t think of any­thing being back there except jumper cables and some emer­gency supplies.

Again, I’m sorry about ear­lier. Good luck out there tonight,” Anthony said as the car dropped me off at the entrance of the steak­house. And then it was time to get the show on the road…