The Disaster That Had Me Crying Hysterically Two Weeks Before My Wedding to a Rich Older Man

It was about two weeks before my wed­ding to Kee­gan, my rich older man. The grooms­men, who were all from dif­fer­ent states, had to find a local tuxedo place with the spe­cific col­ors and sheens I had cho­sen. All of the grooms­men and brides­maids were going to be in a red satin, with the bride and groom in cham­pagne and ivory. It was going to be very ele­gant and just like I had always imag­ined it.

Because I was still nurs­ing and work­ing full-time, I ended up being late for my own dress fit­ting appoint­ment by about an hour. As soon as I arrived, the clerk noti­fied me that the seam­stress had already left for the day, and I would need to resched­ule. But I sim­ply couldn’t make it back to this loca­tion again before the wed­ding, since it was about a 45-minute drive one way, and I had far too much to do. I started cry­ing hys­ter­i­cally right there in the store.

My mother, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my fiancé with our new­born child were all there wait­ing for me. They all wanted to see my dress fit­ting and then to see the groom’s tuxedo fit­ting next door. My mom hugged me as she tried to con­sole me.

In all the com­mo­tion, the clerk man­aged to find another seam­stress who had just punched out for the day and was still in the park­ing lot smok­ing. Thank­fully, she agreed to come inside and assist us.

The clerk was gen­uinely nice and try­ing to help, but as soon as we thought dis­as­ter was diverted, another one cropped up. “I’m sorry Miss, but it seems as though some­one has either mis­placed or sold your corset. We don’t have another corset in that size for the style you had selected. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how this happened.”

Out of the large entourage there with me, not a sin­gle word was said. You lit­er­ally could’ve heard a pin drop.

Kee­gan hugged me and asked if there was some­where else I could pur­chase the items, before the clerk inter­rupted with two dif­fer­ent corsets that might work with my dress. Nei­ther of them were a good fit and I had never felt more deflated. I just wanted to go home.

The seam­stress asked me my last name, so I gave her my maiden name. She went back to keep look­ing and about 20 min­utes later, she came out and asked what my mar­ried name would be. A cou­ple min­utes later, the seam­stress returned with my bag with every­thing inside, just as I had put on lay­away. It turns out that the clerk used my mar­ried name instead of my maiden name on the label.

The clerk and seam­stress both helped me get dressed quickly. When I finally had every­thing on and stepped out of the dress­ing room into the cor­ri­dor of mir­rors, there was a larger crowd than when I had started. Two other brides were being held up because of this whole ordeal, so they ended up watch­ing along with my family.

I had never been more ner­vous. I had picked the dress out on my own so nobody had seen it before.

The alter­ations were exactly what I wanted and it fit like a glove. “Oh, you look stun­ning, dear. What did you do right to land your­self this one and where can I get one?” my father-in-law joked with Keegan.

Every­one was smil­ing, includ­ing my mother-in-law, who I was sure was going to hate my dress. It really was the per­fect end­ing to what had been the most stress­ful weeks of wed­ding plan­ning. We were finally in the last stretch before marriage.

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