The Elaborate Plan My Sugar Daddy’s Wife Came Up with to Get Rid of Me (For Good!): Part 1

I had just found out that my so-called friend, Peter, had really been work­ing for my sugar daddy, Keith’s, wife all along. And here I was, stuck in the car with Peter. But I was des­per­ate to get home as soon as pos­si­ble so that I could just put this all behind me.

We drove past Keith’s office, and about five min­utes later, we pulled into an extremely nar­row side street. Up ahead, there was another car that was block­ing the road. I told Peter to just speed through as fast as possible—that iso­lated area was known for seri­ous rob­beries. I had never felt as scared as I did that day. “Let’s get out of here and if we hit them, we’ll report it tomor­row,” I said again through clenched teeth.

As Peter sped ahead, both cars’ mir­rors hit each other. Peter stopped. He and the other dri­ver both came out of their cars argu­ing, while I was scream­ing, “Get back in the car, Peter. Please get back in the car!”

As I looked to my right, I could see a tall lanky fig­ure approach­ing my win­dow and as he came around, I quickly locked myself in. But the win­dows were down and he reached in, grabbed a hold of me, and yelled, “B*tch, this is a robbery!”

I begged and pleaded with him not to hurt me and told him to take what­ever he wanted. I noticed another car com­ing from the direc­tion that we were head­ing. They must have seen what was hap­pen­ing and started revers­ing. The light from the other car dis­tracted the lanky rob­ber and his grip loos­ened. I pulled my arm away, jumped over to the driver’s side, and ran out of the car towards some nearby houses.

As I ran, I could hear a car com­ing behind me. I thought to myself, “This is it! I’m dead.” Then I heard Peter yelling, “Get in the car! They left!”

How did you get away?” I asked as tears ran down my face.

I jumped into some bushes,” he replied.

Yet you have no scratches or dirt on you? Take me to the police sta­tion,” I said. I didn’t want to go with him, but I had no other option. The rob­bers had taken every form of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion I had on me. They had taken my purse, my cell phones, my ring, and my watch—everything I had on me.

By the time we got to the police sta­tion and I placed my com­plaint, a patrol car was already out look­ing for them. It turns out that the other car that had reversed out had already called the cops, but by the time the cops arrived, the car had already dis­ap­peared. I lodged my com­plaint and called my ex, Kirk, to come get me. The offi­cer told me to report back to the sta­tion the next morning.

The next day, Kirk accom­pa­nied me to the sta­tion and Peter was nowhere to be found. I had got­ten a new phone and my net­work provider rein­stated my old num­ber. Peter called later stat­ing that he had food poi­son­ing and that’s why he never turned up at the sta­tion. I dis­missed him because, in my heart, I knew he was some­how involved in it all.

I was hop­ing that would be the end of it, but sadly, it was only just the beginning…