The Elaborate Plan My Sugar Daddy’s Wife Came Up with to Get Rid of Me (For Good): Part 2

When I finally spoke to Keith, I told him I got robbed, but I just didn’t tell him who I was with. I had night­mares after that and my mom was wor­ried. The police had got­ten infor­ma­tion impli­cat­ing Keith’s wife, and my mother didn’t want me tak­ing the case any fur­ther out of fear for my life. I had started get­ting anony­mous calls and when I answered, the per­son on the other end would hang up.

That Decem­ber, Keith told me he was going to come to the island for two weeks and his plans were to spend one week with me and the other with his wife. I had not heard from Peter for months, and even though I did not for­get him and what he did, he was always at the back of my mind.

That day, as I was get­ting ready to pick Keith up at the air­port, I got a call from Peter ask­ing what my plans were for the day. I told him to delete my num­ber, and added that I was going to pick my man up from the air­port. That was all he needed. He already knew Keith was com­ing; he was just call­ing to dou­ble check.

As usual, I was late in get­ting to the air­port. By the time I got there, Keith had been there wait­ing impa­tiently for about an hour. As I strut­ted toward him, he smiled and kissed me, ask­ing what took me so long.

As he held on to me, a woman came from behind and whis­pered in my ear, “Are you Isabella?”

I turned around and replied, “Who’s asking?”

My stom­ach turned as I saw Keith’s wife stand­ing there. As Keith turned to face her, he asked what she was doing there. She pro­ceeded to say she didn’t want to make a scene and that she just wanted to speak with me. I told her I had no inter­est in what she had to say.

She pro­ceeded to tell me that she had known about me all along and that she knew of all the things I was doing behind his back—I had secretly cheated on him with Kirk. She went on to divulge all the knowl­edge she thought she had about me of my many boyfriends, of Keith’s finan­cial assis­tance, of the many trips I had taken. Keith just had a smirk on his face; it seems he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He just didn’t know what reac­tion to have and I wasn’t even acknowl­edg­ing what she had to say. I was more con­cerned about him and what this new infor­ma­tion would do to our relationship.

As Keith attempted to leave with me, she blocked him and told him that if he was smart, he’d go with her instead. He lis­tened, and the two of them left together.

That night, I waited to hear from Keith and as I cried, my mother con­soled me. She told me that she thought it was time to leave him. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up, I felt like I had a much clearer vision of every­thing that led up to that con­fronta­tion with Keith’s wife at the airport.

I fig­ured that Peter was a setup all along. Keith’s wife had got­ten a hold of my num­ber and had arranged with him to befriend me. She had come up with the whole plan to get rid of me under the guise of a rob­bery, but her “rob­bers” got scared off when the other car came—that’s the only rea­son I was able to escape.

I got up early and decided to visit one of Keith’s staff to ver­ify my the­ory. He told me that his wife was a vile woman and that she was sleep­ing with Peter, and likely the other guys who were involved in the rob­bery. He said he had an idea of what was going on, since he had seen the wife spend­ing a lot of time with the other three men. It turns out my the­ory was true after all.