The First Time I Met a Rich Older Man I Actually Wanted to Sleep With: Part 1

Hav­ing had one job in my entire life, and a retail one at that, I wasn’t exactly pre­pared for the recep­tion­ist job that my best friend, Melinda, rec­om­mended me for. I knew that I wasn’t going to be ring­ing up rude women ready to get a dis­count at every turn, so that was a plus. But I knew I was going to be work­ing under uppity-ups who thought their every step turned the pave­ment to gold, and with that I knew I had to dress the part. Beside work inter­views, I never imag­ined that I would have to wear a suit and with my job as a sec­re­tary, I had to wear one on a daily basis. So, it was off to the mall to look for at least one good suit that my bud­get could afford.

I found one at Neiman Mar­cus on sale and it hap­pened to have the match­ing skirt. It looked like I was going to have to get used to wear­ing a pen­cil skirt and heels. As a girl that loved her flip flops and sneak­ers, I wasn’t exactly too keen, but I couldn’t com­plain; I was grate­ful and happy. Dur­ing my brief inter­view with the man­ager, I noticed that I had got­ten a lot of stares from the staff. I told Melinda about it later on and that was when she con­fessed that most of the peo­ple in the com­pany were older, so to them we were really young. Not only was this my first “pro­fes­sional” job, but now I was going to be looked at as a nov­elty, and judged. Great.

Since I was hired as a week­end sec­re­tary, my Fri­days became Mon­days and my week­ends dis­ap­peared. Going to school Mon­day to Fri­day, it was a lot to take on, but I was deter­mined. Any­thing to help me from the slump I was in over my breakup with Jared. I also decided that it was time for me to finally expe­ri­ence really being on my own; it was time to move out of my mom’s place. I needed to be inde­pen­dent and since I was com­mut­ing long dis­tances from school, work, and home, it was a no-brainer.

Going to school in a col­lege town, many of the apart­ments offered cheap stu­dios. So, I packed what lit­tle fur­ni­ture and clothes I had and moved out. With finan­cial aid and a steady income, pay­ing my own rent wasn’t impos­si­ble. I knew I made the right deci­sion and now I was finally able to say that I was inde­pen­dent and self-reliant. It was a good feel­ing and I had to won­der, was this what I was look­ing for all along?

My only time off was from 3 o’clock on Fri­day after­noon to 8 o’clock on Sat­ur­day morn­ing. So, it was no exag­ger­a­tion when I say that I had no social life. But like I kept remind­ing myself, what was more impor­tant than school and work? It wasn’t like I was miss­ing out on any­thing. The fabled col­lege par­ties and one-night stands a col­lege stu­dent had to expe­ri­ence just once, didn’t call my atten­tion. I was an older woman in a young girl’s body and I wasn’t both­ered in the least.

Things were finally start­ing to look up. I was con­stantly in a great mood, regard­less of the fact that I was going to work after my classes dur­ing the week; they were extra hours and the pay checks looked good. Every pay check went towards rent, with enough left over for one shop­ping trip every month.

My job as a sec­re­tary was going great. I had an under­stand­ing man­ager who worked around my school sched­ule. My co-workers soon became much like a sec­ond fam­ily to me and as the months went by, I was get­ting used to all the new faces from other loca­tions that dropped by my office every now and then.  And then I met Brandon…