The Gift That Sugar Babies Want Most From Their Rich, Older Men

When it comes to hav­ing a sugar daddy, most peo­ple assume that the incen­tive is money. And it turns out they’re not really wrong, but there’s one thing in par­tic­u­lar that sugar babies want their rich, older man to spend money on. A pop­u­lar sugar daddy dat­ing web site recently did a sur­vey to find out why the women on the site signed up, and what they’re look­ing to gain out of hav­ing a sugar daddy.

Accord­ing to the results, the top rea­son wasn’t fancy clothes or a new car. It was actu­ally plas­tic surgery—a boob job, to be exact. Other com­mon plas­tic surgery requests from sugar babies included lipo­suc­tion and Botox, facelifts, and a new nose.

Plas­tic surgery is kind of like a win-win sit­u­a­tion in a sugar daddy rela­tion­ship. As the sugar baby, you get the look you want, and your sugar daddy gets an even hot­ter young woman on his arm—and in the bed­room. If you’re a sugar baby request­ing plas­tic surgery, espe­cially a boob job, be pre­pared for your sugar daddy prob­a­bly want­ing to spend more “qual­ity time” with his investment.

After plas­tic surgery, the sec­ond item on the list of sugar baby requests was money to pay off stu­dent debt, fol­lowed by shop­ping trips and car pay­ments. Travel came in fifth, but it isn’t long, extrav­a­gant vaca­tions they’re look­ing for. Sugar babies are more inter­ested in “super dates,” like 24-hour trips to party in Vegas for the night.

If you had a sugar daddy, what would be your first request?


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