The Most Awkward Situation I’ve Ever Been In with a Rich Older Man

We arrived at the wed­ding recep­tion hall a half hour early. My older man, Kee­gan, quickly located the bath­room and the bar—thankfully, too, because I needed both. My nerves were going crazy. This wed­ding was going to be the first time I would meet Keegan’s whole fam­ily, and he had already told me that there may be some who wouldn’t take too kindly to our big age difference.

I was so anx­ious that I downed a rum and coke sec­onds after it was given to me. “Whoa! Slow down there, lover,” Kee­gan whis­pered to me. “I don’t want them think­ing you’re an alco­holic or a floozy. Take it easy on the drinks. Just be your­self and it’ll be fine. Just think, some­day, they will be attend­ing our wed­ding, just as big as this one,” he said, plac­ing his hand on my lower back while whis­per­ing in my ear.

As the fes­tiv­i­ties began and the room started to get crowded, the DJ started play­ing romance songs, and as I quickly learned, Kee­gan loved to dance. His sec­ond cousin, William, was recently divorced and also there with his new girl­friend. She was clearly middle-aged and wear­ing an out­fit that was not meant for any­one over the age of 25. Some­how, she man­aged to pour her volup­tuous curves into that tiny dress that barely cov­ered her under­gar­ments. William pulled her out onto the dance floor first.

Feel­ing that now was as good of a time as any, Kee­gan asked me to dance as well. It was most def­i­nitely awk­ward hear­ing the intended whis­pers of those older gen­er­a­tions who were half deaf and actu­ally talk­ing loudly over the music. We started laugh­ing as we heard his aunt Cheryl talk­ing about our age dif­fer­ence and the other woman’s very reveal­ing outfit.

I think she’s 21 or so,” I heard Aunt Cheryl say. “Kee­gan said she works full-time and has a good edu­ca­tion and suc­cess­ful career. I guess he must really be able to give it to her, if you know what I mean!”

I was so embar­rassed. By the time we danced around so that I could see who she was talk­ing to, I real­ized it was yet another one of Keegan’s cousins and his cousin’s wife.

You look amaz­ing, by the way,” Kee­gan said to me, pulling my face to his by my chin, kiss­ing me ten­derly as the song ended.

Aww, look who’s so in love, the old man and the lit­tle hot­tie,” squawked his drunk uncle, Steve, as he wrapped his arms around both of us, one on each side. “You know young lady, if you ever want a real man, come and see me. Most wouldn’t judge you for keep­ing it in the fam­ily, since I’m such a stal­lion,” he said, stum­bling away as we all had a good laugh.

The DJ announced it was time for the bride and groom to enter and have their first dance, ask­ing that we all be seated. Kee­gan and I quickly grabbed a drink at the bar and sat with his grand­par­ents. Keegan’s cousin, Richard, and his new wife, Kelly, entered the room absolutely beam­ing radi­ance. They looked so lovely in their wed­ding garb. Kee­gan tugged my hand a lit­tle as he leaned in, “Start tak­ing notes, honey. The fam­ily will be expect­ing just as much from our wed­ding soon,” Kee­gan whis­pered. I was stunned, and he could tell.

I downed my rum and diet coke, headed to the bar, and downed another before return­ing to our table. “Slow down on the drinks please. Peo­ple are keep­ing tabs. What’s wrong? ” Kee­gan whispered.

What do you mean the fam­ily will expect just as much from us? I’m feel­ing a pretty sig­nif­i­cant amount of pres­sure to plan our wed­ding when we aren’t even engaged!” I said to Kee­gan as I sipped on yet another diet and rum. The drinks were start­ing to hit me now.

I’m the old­est cousin out of the group, the only one who has never been mar­ried or had chil­dren. Every­one has been wait­ing for me to catch up and hon­estly, I can’t wait to take that step with you. Don’t feel pres­sured. Just know that it won’t be very long before I make you my wife,” he said chuck­ling sar­cas­ti­cally. “I love you, Vivian. You are doing great, just drink some water.”