The Most Incredible Surprise My Rich Older Man Ever Planned For Me

It was dark, it was the mid­dle of win­ter, and me and my older man, Kee­gan, were cold, but we snug­gled on a bench over­look­ing the water. All we did was talk and laugh, but it was per­fect. The entire time, Kee­gan was anx­ious and edgy. It was start­ing to creep me out. There were tourists tak­ing pic­tures and the next thing I knew, there was a quar­tet of vio­lin­ists play­ing on the bal­cony of a home across the street from where we were sitting.

I imme­di­ately started cry­ing, as I real­ized upon turn­ing around that Kee­gan was propos­ing to me. He was down on one knee, with the jew­elry box open, as the quar­tet played my favorite song. “Vivian, you are the only woman I want to wake up beside for the rest of my life. You are my best friend, you make me want to be a bet­ter man and I love you in a way that I’ve never loved any­one. Will you marry me? Will you be my lov­ing wife, mother to my chil­dren, and even­tu­ally change my dia­pers, too? Please say yes to hap­pily ever after with me, Vivian.”

Tears rolled down my face as he spoke. The peo­ple, whom I thought were tourists, were all stand­ing around us watch­ing; one of them was tak­ing a video. “I… oh my god… I didn’t expect this. Ask me again, I want to make sure I heard you right,” I said, still in shock.

Vivan, will you marry me and make me the hap­pi­est man on the earth?” he asked again, get­ting a lit­tle anxious.

Yes, yes of course I will!!” I laughed and cried happy tears as I hugged him close. As he slid the ring on my fin­ger, one by one, the tourists—who were actu­ally some of Keegan’s co-workers—handed me sin­gle long-stemmed roses until I was hold­ing about two dozen in my hands. All of them were clap­ping and con­grat­u­lat­ing us, the quar­tet con­tin­ued to play in the background.

I was still in shock. It was the last thing I was expect­ing that night.

You know, you almost blew the whole damn thing, Vivian” Kee­gan said as he and his cowork­ers started laughing.

What are you talk­ing about?” I asked, com­pletely unaware.

All of this was planned for the skat­ing rink and when you decided at the last minute that you didn’t want to wait in line for skates on such a beau­ti­ful night, I was floored. I wasn’t sure how to get every­thing and every­one orga­nized from the skat­ing rink up to here. I thought for sure the whole plan was blown out of the water,” he said.

The con­ver­sa­tion con­tin­ued on for a while about how he man­aged to mass text every­one about the big change. He paid the band twice the price due to the unex­pected move; plus, it was last minute. His co-workers had to non­cha­lantly dis­perse and head up there, with­out being rec­og­nized, and they had to make it hasty. It was quite a gig, but Kee­gan pulled it off, and just for me.

The whole time he was talk­ing, I sat there com­pletely dumb­founded. No one had ever gone through so much trou­ble for me. It was the per­fect pro­posal, and that was the moment I was sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this older man.