The Most Outrageous Thing I Ever Let My Sugar Daddy Get Away With: Part 2


Keep your voice down, the baby is still asleep,” Kee­gan snapped. “Lis­ten, I just needed a release, and it wasn’t all that often. I am a man after all!  It was either Can­dice or some pros­ti­tute. And to be clear, it was only a tem­po­rary thing until I found the right woman to invest my time, energy, and money into. She clearly was not it for me. Sure, she’s an attrac­tive, edu­cated woman with a nice rack, and you know those are three things that really get me going. But I only con­tin­ued to see the sugar baby after you and I started get­ting seri­ous, because you seemed too good to be true for me. I mean, you and I, we don’t make sense to most peo­ple. She was just my insur­ance for when you dumped me. But then you sur­prised me.”

I was in dis­be­lief. “So, is this what I can expect for the dura­tion of our mar­riage?” I asked vis­i­bly upset. “Here I am think­ing you were a true gen­tle­man abid­ing by our 10 dates, no sex rule. And mean­while, you were only abstain­ing from sex with me, because you were f*cking her.”

To be fair, once we started dat­ing seri­ously, I only let her go down on me, and around the six month mark, I stopped see­ing her alto­gether,” Kee­gan said, almost as if he was proud of him­self. I didn’t say any­thing else to him for the rest of the drive home.

We arrived back home, unloaded every­thing into the house, and got the baby set­tled.  The wed­ding favors were stacked up all over the kitchen table, there were flower arrange­ments ran­domly sit­ting on shelves and coun­ter­tops, my dress hung in our din­ing room, and my veil hung in the office. As I looked around at all of this beau­ti­ful stuff for our upcom­ing nup­tials, I found it increas­ingly dif­fi­cult to remain upset.

Sure, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and tech­ni­cally yes, he had been hav­ing an affair. But he ulti­mately chose me to be his wife, his life part­ner, and to have his first-born child with. At the end of the day, he chose me and that’s what mat­tered most. I chose to inter­nal­ize the betrayal and dis­ap­point­ment I felt, because I wanted to ignore it and pre­tend as if it had never hap­pened. I wanted to go on with our lives.

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I am 26 and my husband 45. At first, our friendship existed mostly online. I was actually helping my now husband with his dating profile when it dawned on me that he was exactly what I was looking for in a perfect life partner. So, I asked him out and we have been together ever since. We now have two daughters together and everyone that knows us will tell you that they simply can’t imagine us apart, and neither can we. I’m no stranger to May-December relationships—my father was 71 and my mother was 33 when I was born. I have never dated a guy my own age. Anything less than 10 years older than me just seems wrong, and frankly, it doesn’t even turn me on in the slightest bit to think about it. It’s actually a turn-off. After going through relationships with a few rich older men, I finally settled down with my husband. I’m sure there were people waging bets on how quickly our marriage would fall apart, but we’re determined to prove them all wrong.