The Naughty Idea I Had to Help My Sugar Daddy Get to Know My Boyfriend Better: Part 1

As I walked out the door of our home, I felt a sense of relief, but I was scared out of my mind. What would I do with­out my sugar daddy, Marco? He was my every­thing. Did I just make a huge mis­take? I didn’t know any of the answers, but kept putting one foot in front of the other until I fig­ured it out.

That night, I didn’t go home to Marco after work like I usu­ally did. I stayed with Vic­tor, the man I had been cheat­ing on Marco with, and we made love the entire night. Vic­tor was excited that things were finally end­ing with Marco and asked me to come live with him, but I refused because I truly needed to be on my own this time.

We made a plan to go look at apart­ments for me the next day and really get the ball rolling. We found an awe­some lit­tle place that was per­fect for me in size, loca­tion, and most impor­tantly, price. It def­i­nitely wasn’t the beau­ti­ful home Marco had gra­ciously pro­vided me to live in, but it would do for now, espe­cially since I wouldn’t have the monthly allowance any longer. The apart­ment wouldn’t be ready for another month, though. I didn’t want to move in with Vic­tor and then have to move again, so I tried to smooth things over with Marco, just enough that I could con­tinue to stay in his house—and even pay rent—for one month until my apart­ment was available.

For three weeks of the fol­low­ing month, Marco was sched­uled to be in Italy with his fam­ily, which made things a lot eas­ier. Vic­tor stayed overnight with me about half of the time. We slept in the spare bed­room, which had become “my” room. We made love every sin­gle chance we could, every­where we could. Every­where except Marco’s bedroom—despite Vic­tor ask­ing, I just couldn’t allow that. In any case, the sex was hot­ter at Marco’s, I sup­pose out of fear of being caught by Marco. Either way, Vic­tor kept me com­pany while I bided my time wait­ing for my apartment.

Mean­while, school was still going well; Marco kept his inter­est in that area even after I moved out. I was main­tain­ing a high grade point aver­age as promised, so he con­tin­ued to do things for me, such as buy me fur­ni­ture for my apart­ment, since I had noth­ing. He took me shop­ping and pro­vided me with a queen bed, couch, tables, desk, lamps, dishes, and what­ever else you’d need for a new home. I had my own money and he didn’t have to, but by this time, things had cooled off and he was not so upset any­more. He wanted what was best for me and, most of all, for me to be happy and successful.

Marco was a great man, and I’d soon find out how amaz­ing he really was. You won’t believe what hap­pened on the day I finally moved out…