The Night I Gave My Older Man the Scare of His Life: Part 2

Drunk girlAfter throw­ing back a few more drinks, I some­how man­aged to get myself to my room. I had a bite to eat and took a shower. I was try­ing to get myself ready to meet my rich, older boyfriend—the Stet­son man—who would be down­stairs very soon. I think I even said out loud a few times that I was “ready to go to work,” so to speak. At some point dur­ing my drunken prepa­ra­tions, I remem­ber my hus­band call­ing and I couldn’t help but feel a lit­tle heart­bro­ken at the reminder of our failed marriage.

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My best friend and I met the Stet­son man at the black­jack table, and I imme­di­ately con­tin­ued my drink fest. I ordered the infa­mous vodka and Red Bull com­bi­na­tion. I am usu­ally not much more than a beer and wine drinker, so this mix really kicked my butt. It wasn’t long before I was more than the life of the party—I was min­gling, laugh­ing, and hav­ing what felt like the time of my life. My boyfriend wasn’t used to being around big drinkers, so he had no idea what to expect, and was sur­prised, to say the least, with the way that I was behaving.

The Stet­son man and I finally left the casino and headed to his suite for some alone time. I must admit, I don’t remem­ber much from this part of the evening, but I was told that in the mid­dle of mak­ing love, I passed out cold. I was unresponsive—and naked—in his bed, and he pan­icked and called my best friend. But she was still down at the black­jack table, so he wasn’t able to reach her and, instead, he left a mes­sage about how he thought I had died. I’m guess­ing I must have twitched or at least moved slightly because he real­ized that I wasn’t dead, and that I had just had too much to drink. I was passed out and com­pletely naked in front of the Stet­son man—every crack and crevice of my body was right there on dis­play for him to see.

The fol­low­ing morn­ing, my best friend called in a panic. She told me that she had tried to return the Stet­son man’s call last night when she had returned to her room, but that he hadn’t picked up—probably because he was pre­oc­cu­pied with the uncon­scious, naked girl in his bed. Despite the big scare, we all laughed about what had hap­pened. After that night, there was never any need to book sep­a­rate hotel rooms when I trav­eled with the Stet­son man. There was no point any­more because there was noth­ing else to hide—he had quite lit­er­ally seen it all.