The Night My Older Boss Became My Wealthy Older Man: Part 2

How could some­one so pas­sion­ate about his job be so lack­lus­ter in his fam­ily life? Well, he had no fam­ily. His wife and he were child­less, by her choice. She was a few years older than he was, and she came from wealth. Her father had paid for the young Mr. Brown to go to a pres­ti­gious law school, and had helped him secure his job in the big firm. I already knew all about Mrs. Brown. She was very afflu­ent in town, and knew a lot of impor­tant peo­ple. They had been mar­ried for almost 30 years. I am only 32, and so being mar­ried for that long seems like such an accom­plish­ment, but Mr. Brown said it was more like a prison sen­tence. He said that he was thank­ful for her, but that he wanted more out of life. Being 55, he thought that a divorce was out of the question—especially when a large trust would be endowed to him upon her passing.

I could under­stand what he was think­ing. He asked if I knew what it felt like to be taken care of and to be pro­vided for, and I told him that my hus­band did a lot for me and my chil­dren, but that he lacked in matu­rity and drive, two things Mr. Brown did not lack. He slid his hand from the shift knob, and rested it down on my thigh. I then asked how much longer until we got to his condo on the river­front. He imme­di­ately stepped on the gas, and raced the rest of the way to his place. I was both excited and scared—I knew if my hus­band found out, my mar­riage would be over. I also knew that if Mrs. Brown found out about any­thing, Mr. Brown could be ruined, per­son­ally and professionally.

That night, we ended up hav­ing a few glasses of wine and talk­ing about our sit­u­a­tion. Mr. Brown asked me to come back part-time to the firm, so that he could have me around. I knew my hus­band would be pleased about that—the part-time pay was just as good as what I was mak­ing at the new firm work­ing full-time. Plus, I could be around Mr. Brown as much as I wanted. I accepted the job offer and told him I was thank­ful that he was offer­ing me my posi­tion back. And then he told me the job would def­i­nitely come with its perks.

The night was com­ing to a close, and I knew it was time for me to get home. In truth, I was dis­ap­pointed that the night didn’t include lovemaking—I was a lit­tle tipsy and very turned on—but I knew he was the kind of man who wouldn’t rush into it. He gave me a long, pas­sion­ate kiss that I con­tin­ued savor­ing well after it was over. Mr. Brown then looked at me, with a gaze so warm it could have melted a glac­ier, and told me to be at work on Mon­day at 8 a.m. sharp. I obliged.

I’ve been back at the firm now for a few weeks. We’ve had won­der­ful lunch and din­ner dates, he’s help­ing pay for my daughter’s dance classes, and he pays my bills as well. And next week we have an out-of-town trip to our firm in Illi­nois. Here’s to see­ing what’s to come with Mr. Brown.

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As a married mother of two kids, I don’t have much time for the bar scene anymore. Hell, I don’t have much time for any scene anymore. So, when a few months ago I was invited out for a cousin’s bachelorette party, I happily accepted. The night started off at a local martini bar, and that’s where I ran into a former boss of mine. This man is a married, very successful lawyer, who has a drive that is unmatched by any man my age. We had a great rapport, and there had been so much chemistry between us, during all of our encounters. And when I saw him that night in the bar, I could tell that nothing had changed. After a few drinks, the bachelorette wanted to move on with her ladies to a popular club. I knew I would feel out of place at that club, and so Mr. Brown (as we’ll call him) offered to keep his eye on me and drive me home. His offer surprised me, but I told my cousin he was a former coworker and that I felt safe with him. And I wasn’t supposed to be home for another two hours, so no harm no foul—right? Soon after the ladies left, Mr. Brown suggested that we take a drive to see his new condo, and then I remembered his black Bentley and I didn’t resist.