The One Dangerous Thing Simon Cowell Will Never Sacrifice For His Baby

Sugar Daddy Simon Cowell Never SacrificeIt’s gen­er­ally under­stood that once you have kids, you have to make cer­tain lifestyle changes to accom­mo­date them. Simon Cow­ell, 54, recently said that he was going to stop smok­ing once his baby with 36-year-old Lau­ren Sil­ver­man arrived. Seems like a com­mon sense deci­sion, right?

Cow­ell is now going back on his word, or as he put it, “I lied,” because the celebrity has no inten­tion of toss­ing his cig­a­rettes once there are kids in the pic­ture. He’s not even will­ing to try the safer alter­na­tive of elec­tronic cig­a­rettes because they “don’t work.” Instead, Cow­ell is plan­ning on build­ing a “smok­ing room” to accom­mo­date Sil­ver­man and their baby.

This isn’t the first time Cow­ell is catch­ing heat for his smok­ing habit. Last month he was spot­ted light­ing up a few times while with his preg­nant girl­friend, catch­ing seri­ous flak for pos­si­bly harm­ing his unborn baby.

After a failed attempt at quit­ting, Cow­ell made it pretty clear that he knows they’re bad, but doesn’t really care. “I equate smok­ing with hav­ing a good time. I shouldn’t be say­ing this but, well, they’re not ille­gal, are they?” If kids won’t make you kick the habit, we don’t know what will.

What do you think: Is Simon Cowell’s “smok­ing room” idea smart, or just selfish?


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