The One Offer My Sugar Daddy Made Me That I Just Couldn’t Refuse: Part 1

The next morn­ing, I awoke to the sound of a door­bell. My Greek God ordered break­fast. He was one sight to see, wear­ing his jeans and a white dress shirt with the but­tons undone. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in some dream. “Good morn­ing, princess. I thought you would enjoy break­fast in bed.” He smiled and brought a tray to the bed. Every­thing was just per­fect. Plus, I was starv­ing after our night together.

After I fin­ished eat­ing, I told him that I was going to take a shower. He nod­ded his head and I walked very slowly to the bathroom—I wanted him to see my body.

This bath­room was big enough to be a spa. After step­ping into the shower, I heard the Greek God step into the bath­room. The only way to explain his body would be extremely tanned, mus­cu­lar, and just plain sexy—at this moment, it was also all mine. I couldn’t believe how attracted I was to this man. It was truly hard to believe that he was as old as he was. He clearly took great care of himself.

He stood there and watched my every move, from dry­ing my hair to putting on my makeup. I watched him in the mir­ror. Every so often, we exchanged smiles. I was finally put together when he said, “Come in here when you are fin­ished. I want to talk to you.”

When I entered the liv­ing room area, he had a seri­ous expres­sion on his face. I had no idea what was going to be said, but what­ever it was, it seemed to be very impor­tant. He started talk­ing and it became clear why it was so seri­ous. “Princess, you have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed meet­ing you and last night was won­der­ful. What I’m about to tell you is very impor­tant. How you han­dle this news will deter­mine how much we see each other. First, I real­ize you never ask me any ques­tions. I like that about you.” I made a men­tal note to myself. I had done noth­ing but ask the Stet­son man ques­tions through­out our relationship.

I knew exactly where this con­ver­sa­tion with the Greek God was going, but I wanted to hear it for myself. I needed to know what he had to say, or rather, what he had to offer me…