The One Place I Never Let My Sugar Daddy Go Without Me: Part 1

My sugar daddy, the Stet­son man, and I had been see­ing each other for sev­eral years. His wife had moved out of their man­sion and filed for divorce. He was stressed with set­tle­ment nego­ti­a­tions and fam­ily issues—his affair with me had hurt his fam­ily. The Stet­son man was rich, to say the least, and when that sort of money is involved, it cre­ates an inter­est­ing dynamic. Instead of stay­ing neu­tral, most of his fam­ily mem­bers chose a side—his wife’s, of course. Our rela­tion­ship was bear­ing the brunt of the stress.

The Stet­son man had always been jeal­ous and pos­ses­sive. How­ever, now it seemed that his jeal­ousy had inten­si­fied. I kept telling myself it was due to him leav­ing his fam­ily for me. How­ever, that really was not the case—his wife left him for being unfaith­ful. He had started to ques­tion me a lot more, show up to the places I said I would be, and argue with me over the sil­li­est of things. I have always told myself that when some­one is chastis­ing you about some­thing, nor­mally it is some­thing they are doing or feel­ing. It is not about you, it is about them. My girl­friends were also warn­ing me, say­ing, “If they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you.” I would laugh and think they were just jeal­ous. That is until I learned what was really going on behind my back.

I main­tained two homes, one with the Stet­son man, and one in the state where I had lived when I was mar­ried. How­ever, I often stayed with the Stet­son man at his man­sion. We had set­tled into a life together, just the two of us, or so I thought.

The Stet­son man and I often made agree­ments and tried to please the other. One such agree­ment, which I thought was silly, was that he would never go to get his hair cut with­out me. His bar­ber was female and often hit on him. You’d think that I would just tell him to go to a dif­fer­ent bar­ber, but what did I know? I fig­ured there was a rea­son he went to her and I was never really was too wor­ried about it. I knew she had been mar­ried many times and had many affairs, some with close friends of the Stet­son man. So, a part of me thought that maybe he felt sorry for her. I couldn’t have been more wrong…