The One Place I Never Let My Sugar Daddy Go Without Me: Part 2

high end datingOne of my trips back to my home state was for some busi­ness relat­ing to my son’s passing—I had to meet with some of the school coaches for an event we were putting on in my son’s honor. The Stet­son man knew of this meet­ing and became incred­i­bly jeal­ous. I couldn’t under­stand why. Once again, I chalked it up to his stress.

Dur­ing my meet­ing, the Stet­son man called me numer­ous times. I finally had to turn my cell phone off just to get through the meet­ing. After the meet­ing, he called again; he was very upset and informed me that he was fly­ing over to me in a few hours. He let me have it over the phone sev­eral times more before he finally landed in my state. I picked him up from the air­port and the argu­ment still wasn’t over. He con­tin­ued on. Finally, I sug­gested a nice din­ner, just the two of us. I was over the whole issue. I had a meet­ing; I was not cheat­ing on him. I had noth­ing to hide.

I drove us to a nice steak house. We didn’t have reser­va­tions; how­ever, we were able to be seated quickly. The Stet­son man always wore a cow­boy hat, which is why I call him the Stet­son man. He was still argu­ing with me when the wait­ress arrived with our drink orders. She politely asked him to remove his hat. The Stet­son man had impec­ca­ble man­ners and knew not to be wear­ing his hat at the table. I did find this a bit odd.

He slowly reached to remove his hat, all while star­ing intently at me, wait­ing for my reac­tion. His hair was freshly cut. He had gone for a hair­cut after I had left town. I imme­di­ately real­ized what he was telling me: if they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you.

I didn’t even allow myself to change expres­sions. I sim­ply reached down into my purse to see if the Greek God’s card was still where I had safely tucked it away the other night at the auction.