The One Sign I Got That Told Me It Was Time to Start Looking for a New Sugar Daddy: Part 2

In the days lead­ing up to my sec­ond so-called date with the Greek God, I spent almost all of my time on the phone with Tori dis­cussing my plan. I had been with Tori when I met the Stet­son Man—she was one of the most blessed women I knew. She had mar­ried her younger, rich Prince Charm­ing, and was now liv­ing the ideal life. The first time Tori got mar­ried, they were both too young. She gave birth to two boys in two years, and she worked to sup­port her first hus­band while he obtained his master’s degree. Her hus­band did indeed obtain his edu­ca­tion and started to do a lot of trav­el­ing, just not alone. Tori divorced him and vowed to never make the same mis­take again. Instead, she invested in her own future. She found a younger man and moved Heaven and Earth with her con­tacts to be sure the new hus­band was suc­cess­ful. She succeeded—they had a great life together.

Tori’s Prince Charm­ing allowed her to do as she wished. He was younger, sexy, and made tons of money. They had been together since he was just a pup and that was our nick­name for him. Pup adored her and allowed her every free­dom. I wanted the same thing, but from a rich older gen­tle­man, maybe one that wasn’t mar­ried, but that wasn’t in my cards at this time. Actu­ally, the Greek God’s mar­riage was the least of my wor­ries. We had never spo­ken of the wife and family.

I spent the days before my sec­ond date dis­cussing my plan to snag the Greek God. I had con­vinced myself that the Stet­son man was not going to be my future. And Tori did not allow me to for­get. She knew men and reminded me every chance she got that the Stet­son man may very well be with another woman. I con­vinced myself that I had to be pre­pared to move on from the Stet­son man.

The excit­ing part about this was that I was attracted to the Greek God. I enjoyed the time we spent together. He had a way of mak­ing me feel spe­cial that even the Stet­son man had not suc­ceeded in doing. In addi­tion, I craved the excite­ment that I had felt that first night walk­ing into the night­club with the Greek Ged, with the patrons cheer­ing on the team. The more I relived it, the more I wanted it. That sort of atten­tion is addic­tive and it would soon become my drug of choice.

I shopped for days with the Stet­son man’s money, prepar­ing for my date with the Greek God. That in itself was revenge. I had my hair touched up, I got my nails done, and I had a pedi­cure or two. I went for a facial, sev­eral mas­sages, Botox, and sev­eral skin tight­en­ing treat­ments. I took advan­tage of every means avail­able to be sure I looked my best for my sec­ond date with the Greek God. I wanted to make a state­ment of who I was and what I stood for.

I pulled out the Louis Vuit­ton suit­case the Stet­son man gifted me. I even made notes—I marked off every last detail until my notepad was com­pletely filled with pink high­lighter. I was as pre­pared as pos­si­ble to recre­ate myself and my future. And I had Tori on speed dial for advice!