The One Thing That Could Keep You From Marrying a Millionaire

There are many fac­tors that can lead to a couple’s deci­sion to break up. It might take a lit­tle more to break up a mar­riage, but there’s one thing that has the power to destroy vir­tu­ally any rela­tion­ship: money.

A recent sur­vey found that spend­ing money behind your partner’s back can have a detri­men­tal impact on your rela­tion­ship. Of the 1,000 men and women polled, one in 10 admit­ted that secret spend­ing was one of the fac­tors that led to their divorce or sep­a­ra­tion. The rea­sons for hid­ing their expen­sive pur­chases were pretty obvious—36% were scared their part­ner would be angry, while 35% knew their part­ner wouldn’t approve of what they bought.

The sur­vey also found that women were more likely than men to hide a credit card state­ment from their sig­nif­i­cant other. Women were also more likely to feel guilty for hid­ing how much money they spent.

This def­i­nitely isn’t the first con­nec­tion that has been made between money and a couple’s deci­sion to break up. Researchers from Kansas State Uni­ver­sity cited dis­agree­ments about money as the biggest pre­dic­tor of divorce.

Money is a huge part of sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ships, so even if you and your sugar daddy aren’t mar­ried, there’s a les­son to be learned here. Your sugar daddy doesn’t mind you spend­ing his money; he prob­a­bly wants you to. But do it openly. Unless you’re spend­ing money on a sur­prise for him, make your pur­chases openly. We’re not say­ing you need to keep track of every lit­tle penny, but going out of your way to hide what you’re spend­ing money on just gives him rea­son to doubt you. He’s worked hard for his money, and he’s not going to waste time on a sugar baby who’s just tak­ing advan­tage of him. If you aren’t doing any­thing wrong, then you shouldn’t have to lie or hide about where his money is going.

What do you think: Would it be a deal breaker if you found out your sugar daddy was secretly spend­ing money some­where else?

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