The One Thing That Could Make You the Best He’s Ever Had in Bed


If you’re dat­ing an older man, chances are that you’ve been asked more than once about your sex life—is it as good as it is with a younger man? Can he keep up?

If you’ve just started see­ing your sugar daddy and things have pro­gressed to the bed­room, it usu­ally goes one of two ways: his expe­ri­ence will pay off, or it won’t quite match up. If sex with your older man just isn’t as good as you expected, it might be because there’s one impor­tant thing miss­ing from your relationship—real, gen­uine feel­ings. A whop­ping 96% of respon­dents in a recent sur­vey revealed that the best sex they’ve ever had was with some­one that they felt emo­tion­ally con­nected with.

The sur­vey revealed three basic fac­tors for bet­ter sex: being phys­i­cally attracted to your part­ner, emo­tional inti­macy, and feel­ing loved. If your sex life with your older man isn’t as hot as you hoped it would be, don’t worry, because 90% of the respon­dents also said that they believed the sex could get bet­ter over time.

This isn’t the first sur­vey to test the con­nec­tion between sex and emo­tions. Another recent sur­vey con­ducted by con­dom com­pany Durex found that 87% of women felt like the best sex they had was with a part­ner that they knew per­son­ally and that they trusted. And if you thought that it would make no dif­fer­ence for men, think again, because 95% of men admit­ted that the sex is bet­ter when they have an emo­tional con­nec­tion with their partner.

There has to be some level of phys­i­cal attrac­tion in your May-December relationship—that goes with­out saying—but hav­ing an emo­tional con­nec­tion might actu­ally be more impor­tant for sus­tain­ing a healthy sex life because, as hard as you try, you can only fake it for so long.

What do you think: Do you find sex to be bet­ter when there’s an emo­tional con­nec­tion, or do you think it can be just as good with­out it?

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