The Only Problem My Sugar Daddy’s Money Couldn’t Fix: Part 1

Sad woman thinking on couch after fight with husband

After pick­ing out the per­fect wed­ding dress, my next stop was the lin­gerie store. I wanted to have a cou­ple of sexy out­fits for my older man, Kee­gan. The adult store in our area not only sold lin­gerie, but also sex toys, bondage acces­sories, and other sexy games. I pur­chased sev­eral items that I thought Kee­gan would par­tic­u­larly enjoy with me.

By the time I got home, the baby needed to be fed and Kee­gan was get­ting ready to go back to work till 3 o’clock in the morn­ing. I know his work was busy that time of year, but some­where in the back of my mind, I always won­dered if he was still see­ing Anne with­out telling me. Anne was the sex buddy I had set him up with when I was con­fined to bed rest and couldn’t please him in the bed­room. They had stopped see­ing each other after the baby came, but a part of me always won­dered if they were still secretly meeting.

I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind and the next day, I drove to my mom’s place with the baby to go over the flower arrange­ments she had made for me. They were beau­ti­ful, but needed a few tweaks. The bou­quet she made for me weighed 12 pounds and the rich burnt orange, red, yel­low, and white col­ors extended through­out all of the cen­ter pieces and the trel­lis my step father built for our wedding.

The rest of the day went by smoothly—until the topic of reli­gion came up. I hadn’t given it any thought; I just assumed that we would have a non-religious cer­e­mony, as we are both agnos­tic. Sure, we were both raised in reli­gious fam­i­lies, his being Catholic and mine being Chris­t­ian. But that did not trans­late into our exist­ing lives, or the life that we wanted to raise our chil­dren in. Well, con­sid­er­ing my step­fa­ther was a retired pas­tor, this did not go over well. It really just never occurred to me.

When I talked to Kee­gan about it, his reac­tion caught me totally off guard. It was the last thing I ever expected him to say…