The Only Problem My Sugar Daddy’s Money Couldn’t Fix: Part 2


When I brought up the topic of reli­gion with Kee­gan, I was expect­ing him to say that it didn’t mat­ter, because nei­ther of us were reli­gious peo­ple. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Kee­gan actu­ally voiced a very strong opin­ion towards his Catholic reli­gion and how strongly embed­ded in the Catholic com­mu­nity his fam­ily was. Con­sid­er­ing he was the man in this rela­tion­ship, he felt that I should con­vert to Catholi­cism, even though he didn’t actively prac­tice it. That way, we could have a catholic ceremony.

Not a chance in hell, Kee­gan. You can do what­ever you want to me, but I will not con­vert to a reli­gion just for your fam­ily, espe­cially con­sid­er­ing the fact that you aren’t even an active wor­shiper,” I screamed.

This was a break­ing point for us—I wouldn’t budge, and nei­ther would he. Both fam­i­lies were staunchly reli­gious on either side, but the two peo­ple who mat­tered most in the mar­riage were agnos­tic! I didn’t want prayer, bible verses, or any­thing reli­gious in our vows. Besides I couldn’t even find any that reflected how we truly are as a cou­ple. I wasn’t going to back down on this one. It took some time and a few stiff drinks, but even­tu­ally, Kee­gan came around.

But there was another prob­lem. My brother-in-law was set to offi­ci­ate our wed­ding and he was an active Chris­t­ian pas­tor. This posed a prob­lem, because he too wanted the vows to reflect reli­gion and prayer.

Take my advice and address the issue of reli­gion before you and your older man decide to get mar­ried. Wait­ing till the last minute will only make things more complicated.

In the end, I real­ized that I would have to make some com­pro­mises as well, and we came to the agree­ment to co-write our vows, inten­tion­ally leav­ing out all but one piece of reli­gious gar­ble that res­onated with both sects of reli­gion. There­fore, every­one was happy, except for me. But some­times you just have to accept it, count your losses, and move on—there are big­ger bat­tles to fight, like I would soon find out.

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