The Only Reason I’d Give Up the Chance at a Hot Island Love Affair with a Rich Older Man

I had only just met Chad and he was already invit­ing us to have lunch with him and his friends at a high-end restau­rant at the marina.

We ordered and got to know a bit about each other. No one spoke about their per­sonal lives, which was nice. It was all so exhilarating—the prospect of a new man, the unknown, the fact that it was for­bid­den. The new­ness was excit­ing.  I had so many thoughts, but I kept calm about it.

I was sud­denly snapped back to real­ity when I heard Chad’s friend Peter say, “Isabella will help with that.”

I’ll help with what?” I asked.

He laughed and said, “You seem to have left us. Good to have you back.”

As I smiled, Chad chimed in and asked, “Have you met any­one since you’ve been here on the island?” I quickly glanced at my friend Shyon and lied. “No,” I said.

You mean to tell me you’ve been here all this time and you haven’t been get­ting any?” Chad asked.

I’ve been wait­ing for you,” I said. It was too easy; I just had to say it.

Chad jumped from the table and said, “Let’s go then.”

I was sur­prised at his reac­tion, but couldn’t turn down the offer to spend some time alone with him; I wanted to know more about this man. We excused our­selves from the table and headed out to his jeep. We leaned against the car and spoke for about half an hour. And the more I spoke to him, the more it con­creted that I was going to be hav­ing an affair with him, at what­ever expense. We left the marina and he dropped Shyon and I home.

As we pulled up, Chad and I exchanged num­bers and he promised to call me—he called as soon as he drove off and we began mak­ing plans to see each other the next day. As soon as I hung up, my boyfriend back home called. He was abu­sive and I had come to the island to try and escape him for a while. “Why have I not been able to get through to you?” he yelled.

How would I know?” I snapped back. In my mind, our rela­tion­ship ended that night he slapped me across my face. He just failed to let go and I was too scared to tell him that I wanted to leave him. But I felt like Chad could very well be the one to give me the strength to finally walk away. Besides, my boyfriend, Lex, was really only good for two things: being my sugar daddy and oral sex.

Lex started ask­ing when I was going to come home and if I had fin­ished sort­ing out my dad’s affairs, which was the excuse I gave him for trav­el­ing. He threat­ened that he was giv­ing me two months to get my ass back before he’d come to get me. As always, I hung up on him cry­ing at how sad my life had become.

The next morn­ing, Chad called. He said he was on his way to work and that he had this spot that he goes to have a late break­fast; if I had no plans, he wanted me to join him. I got dressed and min­utes later, he was at my front door. He cap­ti­vated me even more.

We got into a rou­tine of eat­ing break­fast and din­ner together at the most lav­ish places in town. It wasn’t until a week into our meet­ings that he told me he had a girl­friend, and they had two teenaged kids. It knocked me a lit­tle off bal­ance, but I decided I could deal with the kids and even the girl­friend, so long as he wasn’t married.